Anna Stuart

Another World's Anna Stuart Marries James Cromwell in Charles Keating's Home!

Here's something to make my fellow Another World nuts smile. ABC Soaps in Depth is reporting Anna Stuart wed A-list beau James Cromwell in the home of Stuart's one-time AW leading man, Charles Keating (ex-Carl)!

Said the actress who played femme fatale Donna Love on the classic P&G sudser:


"Since our romance officially began at Charles' home two years ago on New Year's Eve, we decided to get married there," Stuart says with a smile. "Mary, Charles' wife, was 'scheming' all the while. She wanted James in a nice relationship, and she knew I was available."  READ MORE

Soap Stars Debut in Gotham The Series #5

New York City, along with several soap notables, made it into a longer, more dialogue-packed episode of Gotham The Series. The fifth installment broadened Catherine and Richard's world and introduced Anna Stuart, Kin Shriner, Matt McKinney, Brianne Moncrief and Paolo Seganti. Catch the full episode after the jump. READ MORE

Anna Stuart Added To Gotham Cast

Score one for Martha Byrne and the Gotham gang. According to the web series' official Facebook fan page, former Another World star Anna Stuart  has landed a role on the series.

Wishful Casting Poll: If Robin Strasser Leaves, Who Should Play OLTL's Dorian Lord?

Okay, let me start off by saying I hope Robin Strasser will be on One Life to Live until the last plate of hash is served up at the Bon Jour Cafe. That being said, I have to do what I do. If I could write Wishful Castings for Jill Abbott and Nikki Newman, I gotta do one for Dorian Lord , but this time I'm gonna make it interactive, and ask you, our readers who you would like to see fill the role of Dorian— if anyone— should Strasser announce her exit today on her hotline?
For my money Anna Stuart (ex-Donna, Another World; ex-Vanessa, Guiding Light; ex-Mary, All My Children) would be the best fit. Stuart has mastered the art of playing the glammed out bee youch. If the show wants someone more in the vein of Strasser's larger-than-life style, there's also Louise Sorel (ex-Augusta, Santa Barbara), or Marj Dusay—suggested by one of my secret soap pals— who will soon finish her run as Aunt Alex on Guiding Light. If OLTL wants to grab a headline, Raquel Welch could be fun.  What do you think, if Strasser leaves, who should play Dorian Lord?  

If Jess Walton Takes A Permanent "Sick Day," Who Should Play Jill On The Young and the Restless?

If the unthinkable were to occur and The Young and the Restless' Jess Walton doesn't come back after her "illness," who would you like to fill the role? Online speculation has Anna Stuart and Victoria Wyndham in the running, while Daytime Confidential's Jamey suggests General Hospital's Jane Elliot. Just to throw a couple other stilettos into the ring, what about Linda Dano or Deidre Hall with dye job? While discussing it with Jamey he couldn't resist the fantasy, "Imagine Deidre Hall opposite Eileen Davidson once again," he told me. 

Who would you like to see as Jill?