Anne Heche

Anne Heche Pregnant!

Us Magazine is reporting that former Men in Trees stars Anne Heche and James Tupper are expecting their first child.

Thanks to Lynn for the heads up!

Anne Heche Up a Creek

People is reporting that former Another World star Anne Heche is up a creek, now that her ABC show Men In Trees has been canceled. Heche told a judge that she can no longer pay the $15,000 a month in child support she was paying while starring in Men in Trees. This is what she wrote in cour papers.

I am continuing to look for work, but I have no offers pending and the impending strike by the Screen Actors Guild reduces my prospects for work even further...Since January 18, 2008, I have been unemployed and had no income from employment except for one very short-term contract for a movie role for which I received a total of $65,000, approximately the amount I received for one episode of Men In Trees." 

Fun fact: Anne Heche is the all time favorite soap star of Daytime Confidential's Jamey.

Why Anne Heche Won't Be Out Of A Job Long

You Tube is so addictive. After looking at clip after clip of the late great Beverlee McKinsey's work, I decided to look up another one of my favorite blonde P&G powerhouses, Anne Heche, whose ABC series Men In Trees has been canceled.

Heche was the second actress to portray Another World's wonder twins Vicky Hudson and Marley Love, and although I loved all three actresses who held the parts, Heche is by far my favorite. In fact as I mentioned in the earlier post, she is my favorite daytime actress, period. I went in mourning after she left the show in 91 and it took her replacement Jensen Buchanan a good year before she won me over and boy did she ever (Will someone get Jensen back to daytime already?) but Anne will always be "my" Vicky and Marley. READ MORE

Another World Vet Heche Out Of A Job

My all-time favorite soap actress EVER, Anne Heche (ex-Vicky and Marley, Another World) finds herself  without a job as TV Guide's Michael Ausiello is reporting that ABC has canceled Men In Trees. Luckily for fans of the cult fave, series creator Jenny Bicks (Sex and the City) saw the writing on the wall and wrote an alternate series finale to substitute for the season finale just in case. I admit that despite my Heche love, I could never get on board with Trees, but I know the show has a really loyal fan base, including our very own Luke, so this bites for them. Here's hoping ABC moves the brilliant Heche over to Dirty Sexy Money or Brothers and SistersMen In Trees will begin its finale run of new episodes on May 28.

Anne Heche's "Men in Trees" on the Block

All you "Men in Trees" fans had better start dusting off your pens and pencils if you want to save the quirky gem. The ABC dramady starring former Another World star Anne Heche is on the block for cancellation. is reporting that it doesn't look good for "Men in Trees" which has had more time slot changes than Joan River's has had plastic surgery. They do say that there may be a chance that ABC picks up "MIT" but things apparently don't look good.

Are you a "Men in Trees" fan?