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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.18.09

Is the end of Ric Lansing near? He has the goods on Claudia and he wants her to do his bidding with his brother. Will Claudia be forced to order a hit on her former lover or will Jason get to exact his revenge on Lansing? We know Jason is going to be wearing a wire to Sonny and Claudia’s “mob summit” however in true Jason form; he can never let Sonny go down so Jason messes with the wire. With Jason not cooperating what is Agent Rayner going to do? The LATEST is that Ric offers to dig up the dirt Rayner wants. I tend to like evil Ric but is this just a means to an end for TPTB? Is someone taking a hit at Sonny? SPOILERS have Ric giving his big brother the heads up. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 03.16.09

Check out the clip below... Robin locks lips. Will Jason wear a wire? Maxie takes a spin?

Wasn’t Spinelli supposed to find out about the almost sex in the garage? Sometimes RUMORS take a bit to unfold and it looks like Spin will learn that Maxie almost bed her roomies man. Is this when she threatens to sleep with the mob prince? Most likely as this will be Maxie’s reasoning for why Spinelli cannot leave the country.

Jerry sends Jax that DVD?! How can he play his game with Claudia if he unleashes the secret? What will Jax do? RUMORS have him confiding in Olivia and keeping the secret from Carly. Is Olivia how Jax learns Kate knows the truth?

What does Ric want from Claudia? He wants back in with his brother. READ MORE

SHOCKING GENERAL HOSPITAL RUMORS: Are The Soap's Leading Men Forming a Contract Alliance?

I bet Ken Corday and Barbara Bloom are loving all the behind-the-scenes drama allegedly taking place over at the Mouse House soaps. In today's Suds Report, Nelson Branco dishes about how buzz at General Hospital has leading men Anthony Geary, Maurice Benard and Steve Burton allegedly forming an alliance to protect their contract statuses. Who do they think they are, the cast of Friends? Too bad Geary didn't think of a similar pact with Genie Francis!
Branco is also reporting on rumors that have GH offering recurring deals that are just like being on contract. Say what, say huh? How exactly does that work? Here's a note to GH: Stop bringing back high-priced former stars in new roles. That might save you a buck or three.

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.12.09

Yesterday I asked, where’s Ric? That hand we saw snatching one of Jerry’s DVDs, that was him. Nice to see TPTB using Rick Hearst to his fullest potential. Where will see him next? Watching the DVD! Ooooohhhh the suspense is killing me. Sorry, sarcasm is not always my best color. So Ric finds out that Claudia hired Devlin who then shot Michael and it’s just the right information to hold over his former lover’s head. Let’s keep track here. Kate, Ric and soon Jax will all know who hired Ian Devlin. And they all keep it a secret?! It’s soap, secrets are part of the deal, and I get that, but Jax? The RUMORED spin we’re going to get for this one is stupid IMO. Jax doesn’t want Carly to go running back to Sonny, so his answer is to keep this HUGE secret from his wife? Let me know how that works out for you buddy. READ MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Emma Samms Returns to General Hospital For May Sweeps!


Could a mother/son reunion be in the works at General Hospital? is reporting that Emma Samms is reprising the role of Holly Sutton just in time for May Sweeps. This will no doubt increase talk that Ethan is the son of Holly and either Luke (Anthony Geary) or Robert (Tristan Rogers).

Anthony Geary Talks Broadway Cares

And a little General Hospital as well! Broadway Cares is tonight!