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Luke and Laura On EW.Com's List of Pop Culture's Best Lovers released a list of 26 True (Fictional) Lovers: Best Pop Culture Lovers. Among them are names like Rhett and Scarlett, Lancelot and Guinivere, Carrie and Big and...Luke and Laura. To borrow from Chandler Bing, could there be any more reasons for Brian Frons to get over his "Chicks over 40 ain't hot" crap and beg Genie Francis to return fulltime? Seriously, what more does the mainstream media have to do to drive home the point that this woman helped save the damn genre, put her face on Time magazine? I mean she's no Elisabeth Hasselbeck (but then who is?) but from what I hear she once helped cause a few people to watch General Hospital.

Who Should Ethan Be?

We asked what you thought of Nathan Parsons's debut as Ethan on General Hospital. Now I want to know who you think Ethan should be. With the all the RUMORS saying he MAY be Dante Falconari or someone who's family has ties to Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary)...

Who should Ethan be?

General Hospital: Anthony Geary Stays in Port Charles!

After months of SPECULATION, Anthony Geary (Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, General Hospital) has signed on to stay in Port Chuck. YAY!

General Hospital Casting: Nathan Parsons as Ethan

In yesterday's comments and today's SCOOP I mentioned an Australian breaking into the Haunted Star and getting caught by Luke (Anthony Geary). TV Guide has the exclusive casting news that Nathan Parsons has been cast as Ethan.

Playing the recurring role of Ethan, Parsons' first scenes take place on the Haunted Star, opposite multiple Daytime Emmy winner Anthony Geary (Luke). Later down the 'pike, just when Ethan thinks he has gotten away with some major grifting, he is blindsided by Luke at an out-of-town watering hole.

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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.09.08

Totally forgot to talk about Tracy and Luke yesterday. While I would be all for a Tracy/Luke/Laura triangle I am not so sure I am liking the latest storyline for Jane and Tony. I always love their banter but this is Luke Spencer, I feel like he should be doing more than chasing his wife to the Dominican to stop a speedy divorce. Although this has given me the opportunity to once again call out the GH writers. Remember when you sent Carly to the Domincan to get a speedy divorce from Sonny? We learned then that the Domincan is no longer your source for a quick end to your marriage. Now, I MAY be a little premature as the LATEST SPOILERS say that while Tracy tells Luke she's already been granted the divorce, it's a bluff and Luke SHOULD be getting the opportunity to call her on it. READ MORE

Caption This: Edward vs. Luke

Take your best Caption This shot at what Edward Quartermaine (John Ingle) might be saying to Luke (Anthony Geary)