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Bob Guza's Last General Hospital Writing Team Wins WGA Award

Former General Hospital scribe Bob Guza is having the last laugh on ABC for replacing him with Garin "Woman In White" Wolf. This past Saturday, Guza, along with writers Nathan Fissell, David Goldschmid, Karen Harris, Elizabeth Korte, Mary Sue Price, Susan Wald, Tracey Thomson, Meg Bennett (Guza's wife) and former GH-turned-The Bold and the Beautiful writer Michele Val Jean, took home the Writers Guild of America (WGA) award for daytime drama series writing.

SOAPnet Celebrates Thanksgiving Weekend With General Hospital's Lucky


SOAPnet is giving a special gift to fans of General Hospital's Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson). On Nov. 25, viewers can tune into "Lucky Friday", a five-hour marathon of episodes featuring Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura's (Genie Francis) first born, starting at 7 pm EST. Check out the details after the jump!


General Hospital Spoilers: Luke's Intervention, Must See TV?

Luke’s intervention is must see TV according to pretty much everyone out there. ABC’s promotions are not letting us forget about Tony Geary’s six Emmy wins—despite the fact that I would like to forget about a couple of them—certainly making us believe this episode will be all that and a bag of chips, but what if the almighty GH winds up with egg on their face, again?

I have all the faith in the acting crew… Geary, Jonathan Jackson, Julie Marie Berman, Jane Elliot, Laura Wright and Maurice Benard. I’m sure there will a day’s worth of powerful scenes and impact moments. I just can’t get past the fact though, that the boy Luke’s drunken ass killed didn’t even get an onscreen funeral, but Luke is getting an all day intervention. READ MORE

Sneak Peek at Luke Spencer's General Hospital Intervention!

He could take down Frank Smith, stop the Cassadines from freezing the world and even find love again after losing his precious "angel", but the one dragon soap superhero Luke Spencer (Tony Geary) can't seem to slay is his addiction to alcohol. TV Guide's Michael Logan has an exclusive preview clip of Luke's family and friends coming together to stage an intervention. Jonathan Jackson (Lucky)  Check it out after the jump! READ MORE

Ed Martin EVISCERATES GH Storyline on Huffington Post

Remember when Carly Corinthos  took that bat to meet with the five families? Famed TV critic Ed Martin only needed a laptop to do way more lethal damage to General Hospital's storytelling. In a scathing review of the Jake's death/Josslyn's transplant story arc for The Huffington Post, Martin basically stated storylines like this are the reason daytime is dying. Ouch!

The current Death of Jake Webber disappointment is another matter entirely, and it comes at a time when soaps overall are in dire peril -- and in desperate need of stories that respect their shows' histories while reinventing them for the future. In that regard, this latest GH tale has done everything wrong: It has made viewers feel bad about the time they have invested in the Jake storyline during the last few years and killed off a character that was uniquely positioned to be at the center of dozens of compelling stories in the years to come. That's no way to improve a show or support a dying daypart.


General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Grieves

Here’s the Scoop!

Ok, so Steve Burton (Jason) did it yesterday. He has been bringing the heat all week, but WOW was he AMAZING. Will Luke being the one to have run down his son allow for this unbelievable talent to keep coming our way? We will see Jason go after Luke in true mob man fashion, but come on, it’s not like they’re going to kill off Luke Spencer. They reserve that for little kids. I know I’ve been enjoying this story, so allow me to explain. I’ve LOVED the acting and have been pleasantly surprised by the writing. I still loathe the fact that they killed Jake.