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Could Genie Francis be Spending Her Summer in Port Charles?

General Hospital head writer Bob Guza is at it again. The scribe is talking about the possible return of fan favorite Genie Francis (Laura Spencer). According to published reports, Guza feels the groundwork has been set for Francis to return this summer if ABC and the actress can strike a deal. He also reveals that currently negotiations are not in progress. READ MORE

GH's Anthony Geary Affected By Iceland Volcano

Anthony Geary's return from his vacation may be delayed, according to ABC Soaps In Depth. The General Hospital star is stuck in Amsterdam due to the dangerous cloud of ash from the Iceland volcano erupting. As of now, there's no word when the actor will return to GH.

DC Interview: Tony Geary on Liz Taylor: "I'll Always Cherish Her"

Silver screen legend Elizabeth Taylor is once again the talk of Tinsletown, what with her rumored engagement (which she denies), and the recent revelation by soap superstar Tony Geary (with whom Taylor briefly appeared on General Hospital for Luke and Laura's legendary wedding storyline in the 80's) that the two had been lovers. I caught up with Geary at the recent ABC/SOAPnet Broadway Cares event and got the skinny on why he chose to reveal his romance with Taylor to talk queen Wendy Williams after all these years.

Daytime Confidential: On Wendy Williams, you revealed recently your romance with Elizabeth Taylor. How did you manage to keep your affair with her under wraps for so long, especially being in the entertainment industry?

TG: Well nobody's asked in 20 years so it wasn't that hard. I'll always cherish her, and I'll always be fond of her. I don't like any of that tabloid mess. Unless you have telepathy, my life's pretty much closed. Wendy has a way of... [Trails off]


Anthony Geary Drops by The Wendy Williams Show

General Hospital's Anthony Geary dropped by The Wendy Williams Show March 19 and while there they discussed his relationship with Elizabeth Taylorwho originated the role of Helena Cassadine. Watch the clip after the jump.


Two Fathers Go Head-to-Head on GH

Ethan (Nathan Parsons) is an innocent man and big daddy Luke (Anthony Geary) is coming to his son's defense, threatening Sonny (Maurice Benard). Watch this week's General Hospital promo after the jump.


Jonathan Jackson Burns Down Port Charles

"You're maudlin and full of self-pity. You're magnificent." — Addison DeWitt, All About Eve, 1950

Jonathan Jackson is an arsonist.

How else can one describe the blazing inferno the actor set off on today's episode of General Hospital where Lucky (Jackson) directly confronted his lifelong love Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and his brother Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) about sleeping with each other behind his back?

Jackson elevated his performance to epic proportions that might as well have been from the stage of a Greek tragedy, Tennessee Williams or August Wilson play in this episode. It wasn't just good; it was electrifying. After Monday's performance, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences should just put an Emmy for Jackson on layaway and call it a wrap.

From the moment Lucky caught Liz and Nik doing the funky chicken in flagrante delicto, GH's writers and Jackson ratcheted up the tension with a high wire act of jangling nerves, a virtual cat on a hot tin roof. Alone, Lucky was a hot mess, trashing the house he had shared with Elizabeth (formerly the home of his parents, Luke and Laura), oddly confiding both police secrets about the investigation into Claudia's death and his own emotional turmoil to Jason (Steve Burton), and generally was a emotional wreck, careening  all over the place like a pinball. READ MORE