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Barbara Walters on The Talk: "If You’re Married to The President of The Network You Get More Promos"

As she readies for retirement, is Barbara Walters worried about CBS Daytime's The Talk overtaking her ABC coffee klatch? Not a chance. In a candid exit interview with Variety, The View’s co-creator revealed:

We are not at all affected by The Talk. I don’t think the success of her show diminishes us, nor do I think the success or failure of The View affects them. The only thing I’ll say is if you’re married to the president of the network, you get more promos. READ MORE

Barbara Walters to Last Air on The View May 16

Barbara Walters won't be asking morning TV watchers to take a little time and enjoy The View after May 16. ABC News announced that day as Walters’ last on the talk show.

In addition to the week-long send-off The View is giving Walters, the legendary broadcast journalist will be the subject of a two-hour primetime special focusing on her career and life. To cement Walters' place in history, the New York City headquarters of ABC News will be renamed in her honor later this spring.

Said Disney head honcho Bob Iger:

She's a dear friend and colleague as well as someone I deeply admire, and it's impossible to fully convey her impact and influence on television. She broke barriers, defied convention, made history and set the standard for journalistic excellence for more than 50 years. It's hard to imagine television without her.

Vice President Joe Biden to Promote Affordable Care Act on The View

Vice President Joe Biden will return to The View for the fourth time on February 25 to promote the Affordable Care Act.  The Vice President will join the ladies for their on-going "Red, White and View" campaign that features political guests and discussions.

I wonder if Barbara Walters will pose for a selfie with the Vice President to share on social media?

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Barbara Walters Calls Her Vibrator "Selfie" (VIDEO)

Why, just why? We already know more than we need to about legendary journalist Barbara Walter's preferred choice of lube; now we know even more about her sexual activities. On Monday's episode of The View, Walters revealed the name of her vibrator, "Selfie."

Now why did Walters have to go and hijack the word popularized by social media? Will Barbara Walters' vibrator buzz in the back of your brain the next time you snap that next photo of yourself to share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Watch the segment after the jump!


Rosie O'Donnell Returns to The View Feb. 7

Barbara Walters is attempting to ramp things up, as she head's to the finish line on The View. Variety is reporting controversial ex-moderator Rosie O'Donnell will appear on Feb. 7. READ MORE