Blake Gibbons

General Hospital's Blake Gibbons to Guest on The Defenders

The Futon Critic is reporting General Hospital star Blake Gibbons (Coleman) has snagged a guest spot on the CBS courtroom drama The Defenders. Gibbons appears on Oct. 27.

GH's Blake Gibbons in Subaru Ouback Detergent Commercial

General Hospital's Blake Gibbons stars in this Subaru Outback Detergent commercial, which claims to be the only detergent specifically formulated to get out the grime that the all new Outback puts on.

General Hospital's Blake Gibbons on The Mentalist

General Hospital's Blake Gibbons (Coleman) made an appearance on tonight's episode of The Mentalist. I didn't catch the episode because I was watching Fringe, but as I was flipping channels during commercials I spotted Gibbons and had to quickly take a screencap. Against my cookie cutter procedural dislike and judgement I've taken a slight liking to The Mentalist so I'd love to know if anyone caught Gibbons appearance.

Blake Gibbons on Dexter

General Hospital's Blake Gibbons is set to appear as a white supremicist in next week's episode of Showtime's hit show Dexter. Check out the preview clip after the jump.

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