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The Bold and The Beautiful Promo

The battle begins for the best fashion house on The Bold and the Beautiful this week. That Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) is one nosy, little sucker isn't he?

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Wishful Storytelling: What if Jackie Isn't Owen's First Cougar on B&B?

Okay, I know what you're thinking. This boy isn't gonna stop until he gets Knots Landing's Donna Mills on a daytime soap opera. Well, you're right. I need my Abby fix and by the power of Greyskull I am gonna keep coming up with scenarios for her to join a soap until the last one goes to the Great Television Museum in the Sky! 

My latest storyline idea to facilitate my fav-or-ite former cul-de-sac dweller's arrival on daytime involves the liquid hot cougar storyline featuring Brandon Beemer (Owen) and Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) on The Bold and the Beautiful. With a snoretastic retread of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor currently eating up B&B's precious 20 minutes of airtime, the dirty, sexy fun storyline which has Owen married to Jackie, much to her son Nicky's (Jack Wagner) chagrin is pretty much the only thing that keeps B&B on my DVR these days. Beemer and Down could teach Susan Lucci and Cameron Mathison a thing or three about how to put a fresh spin on Mrs. Robinson, which is why I think it's time B&B ramped this story up a notch.    READ MORE

Last Week's B&B: Ridge Makes Taylor And Brooke Weak At The Knees, Part 52,739

Steffy saw Brooke and Ridge hugging and got a little verklempt. Brooke went home to snivel over pictures of Ridge again, but Steffy was hot on her heels. Brooke said she’d “made a mistake” in ditching Ridgiculous. Steffy slammed Brooke for causing her father pain and was adamant that Ridge needed the peace and stability of Taylor/Steffy/Thomas.

Stephanie gave Whip the lowdown on Brooke’s current situation and sent him over there to try and keep her away from Ridge. Brooke was surprised to see Whip in LA. Of course, there was some reminiscing and the two of them had a pretty fun smooch. Brooke yanked his chain by pretending she was ready to get fresh in the bedroom: “take me upstairs.” Alas, she once more confessed she would always love Ridge, and she wasn’t ready for humpy-pumpy yet.

Meanwhile, back at the crypt, Ridge told Taylor she was “stuck with him.” How true. Then Taylor had to go and spoil it all by saying that he was “the best thing that ever happened to either one of us,” meaning Brooke or Taylor. Seriously, we’re expected to buy that, despite the fact that he keeps pawing them both? Ugh. They both look pathetic trying to “win” that jackass. Ridge didn’t look too thrilled at Taylor’s marriage proposal, although their grown children clapped and whooped. Good ol’ daddy Ridge. READ MORE

B&B: The Boys of Summer For Jackie

Jackie's (Lesley-Anne Down) the catch of the day on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Hawaii Five Owen Knight

I have a confession. I really enjoyed The Bold and the Beautiful's Hawaii storyline last week. It was cheesetastic and filled with humor, but unlike some of the Pam and Donna hijinks it actually seemed to work.

Are you enjoying the Hawaii storyline?

Last Week's B&B: Jowen Weds, Bridge Collapses, We Trudge Towards Tridge

Nick and Bridget honeymooned in Hawaii, but Jackie and Owen kept them awake with their red hot monkey love in the next room. Initially, both couples had no idea the other was there. Bridget and Owen were the first to realise what was going on, and subsequently tried to keep the oldsters from finding out. What followed were hilarious hi jinks B&B style (i.e. pretty lame comedy). The youngsters kept smooching their partners to stop the oldsters catching a glimpse of the other couple, or dragging their partners into their respective bedrooms. The rest of Nick and Bridget’s honeymoon revolved around him being a grouch about one thing or another.

Owen and Jackie were much more fun. Who doesn’t enjoy watching the Jackster get her cougar on? Lesley-Anne Down sparkles and Brandon Beemer has come alive opposite her. By the end of the week, Bridget fessed up to Nick, realising Owen and Jackie planned to marry. Nick threw another mantrum and raced to the beach to try and prevent the wedding. Tough luck... they’d already said their vows and were driving off as he arrived. So, he’ll probably spend all next week being a grumpy old curmudgeon again. READ MORE