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Starr X'd Lovers No More? Who Should Starr be With on OLTL?

One Life to Live’s Starr (Kristen Alderson) and Cole (Brandon Buddy) have gone through so much in their tortured, young lives. More often than not the biggest threat to their teenage love affair hasn't been the seductive allure of an interloper,  it's been Starr’s father, Todd Manning (Trevor St. John).

 Neither Starr’s school-girl crush on Schuyler Joplin (Scott Clifton) or Hannah’s (Meghann Fahy) psychotic infatuation with Cole has been a match for this "Starr X'd Love". That could be about to change.

For the first time in recent memory, OLTL appears to be investing in a viable threat to Starr and Cole's love story, James Ford (Nicholas Robuck).  What do you guys thinK?

Should Starr be with Cole or James?

First Look: Nicholas Robuck as James Ford on OLTL

Here's a peek at James Ford (Nicholas Robuck), the newest hottie to hit Llanview. Apparently it's all in the jeans genes as both Ford men are positively yummy to look at. Will James be as big of a jerk as his older brother Robert Ford (David Gregory)? 

James comes to town as his brother is clinging to life in the ICU, but with a story of his own and it's not one of hearts and flowers. Like I said, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. James isn't in town for long before he needs to get away from a mystery man passing his picture around the hospital and besides his brother, one of his first encounters is with Starr (Kristen Alderson). Look for James to be a thorn in Cole Thornhart's (Brandon Buddy) side and for him to live up to the Ford Family image as James pulls Starr into his sticky situation.

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Sneak Peek: OLTL Pulls Out All The Stops For Starr X'D Lovers: The Musical!

It's that time of year again. Prom Night is upon the denizens of Llanview, PA, and excitement is bursting over, as one of the most anticipated events in a high schooler's life is set to play out over three, dramatic, explosive, melodic, "Starr X'd" episodes of One Life to Live, beginning this Friday, May 14.

Yours truly was invited to the OLTL studio recently for a preview of Starr X'd Lovers: The Musical, and honies let me tell y'all, the gang over at OLTL has pulled out all the stops to give fans a smash, 3-day event. Several of the soap's major storylines climax during the Glee-esque eppys, including: Langston's (Brittany Underwood) creeping behind Markko's (Jason Tam) back with Ford (David Gregory); Cole (Brandon Buddy) being in the slammer for almost killing Starr's (Kristen Alderson) Pops; a "teenage" Jessica (Bree Williamson) gunning for Cristian (David Fumero), much to the chagrin of Brody (Mark Lawson) and Layla (Tika Sumpter) and Matthew (Eddie Alderson) finally getting the girl, except Danielle's (Kelley Missal) set her sights on another... Welcome to Starr X'd Lovers: The Musical. READ MORE

Does Natalie go too Far on OLTL?

Does Natalie (Melissa Archer) go too far this week on One Life to Live and is she suspected of pushing Marty (Susan Haskell) down the stairs? What will Starr (Kristen Alderson) do when she finds out about Cole (Brandon Buddy)? Watch this week’s One Life to Live promo after the jump.


One Life to Live Recap

Sorry to all who have been wondering where I was. My son was in the hospital, but he is ok now, so I am back.

Friday's episode was pretty decent. I had been expecting more from a couple of different scenes, but overall, it was still good. Let's get to it.

First the Brody going after Mitch story was dumb. Brody has been around McBain and the Buchanan family since Mitch came back. Has he not learned from any of them, that Mitch anticipates reaction and that's how he gets his way. Mitch knew that Jessica wouldn't come to the docks, that's why he insulted Brody in the letter, to goad him to come more. I am happy that Mitch's plan didn't completely work out, as Brody got away. However, arresting John, again, is getting old. READ MORE

Soap Stars Help Stuff Stockings With Care

New York soap, primetime and Broadway stars turned out for the Stockings with Care celebrity bartending event at the Stitch Bar & Lounge on November 11. The event, which helps raise money to buy holiday gifts for children whose families cannot afford to celebrate their holiday, brought together stars from All My Children, As the World Turns, One Life to Live and former Guiding Light stars.

See photos of Adam Mayfield, Austin Peck, BethAnn Bonner, Brandon Buddy, Bree Williamson, Brett Claywell, Brian Kerwin, Brittany Allen, Daniel Kennedy, Daphnee Duplaix, David Fumero, Grant Bowler, Jason Tam, Jesse L. Martin, Mandy Bruno, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Mark Lawson, Melissa Claire Egan, Melissa Fumero, Meredith Hagner, Michael Urie, Murray Bartlett, Robert Bogue, Stephanie Gatschet, Terrell Tilford, Terri Colombino, Trent Dawson, Vanessa Williams and more after the jump. READ MORE