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Williamson, Colombino and Gregory Help Brighten Starlight Children's Foundation Gala

As the World Turns' Terri Colombino and One Life to Live's Bree Williamson and David Gregory (pictured above) popped up at the 25th Annual Starlight Children's Foundation Gala on March 4 at the Marriott Marquis to help shed light on a worthy cause. The Starlight Children's Foundation is an organization that is "dedicated to helping seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities" in the NY, NJ and CT area. See more photos from the gala after the jump.


A New Beginning for Rex and Gigi on OLTL?

Can Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) and Gigi (Farah Fath) have a new beginning on One Life to Live? Jessica (Bree Williamson) doesn't remember Brody (Mark Lawson), but she sure remembers Cristian (David Fumero). Watch the promo after the jump. READ MORE

What Outlandish Thing Should OLTL's Jessica Do Next?

Poor Jessica Buchanan (Bree Williamson), if it's not a another personality rearing its ugly head or discovering her husband's mumified body, she's having her brains fried like a mosquito mesmorized by a bug zapper on a hot summer night. So many outlandish things have happened to Jessica over the past few years that not even more time spent in a sanitarium would come as a relief to the beleaugered character.  Like 24's Jack Bauer, it seems Jessica just can't escape the horrors that afflict her. With this in mind what would you like to see Jessica do next?  

What should Jessica do next?

One Life to Live Recap

Sorry to all who have been wondering where I was. My son was in the hospital, but he is ok now, so I am back.

Friday's episode was pretty decent. I had been expecting more from a couple of different scenes, but overall, it was still good. Let's get to it.

First the Brody going after Mitch story was dumb. Brody has been around McBain and the Buchanan family since Mitch came back. Has he not learned from any of them, that Mitch anticipates reaction and that's how he gets his way. Mitch knew that Jessica wouldn't come to the docks, that's why he insulted Brody in the letter, to goad him to come more. I am happy that Mitch's plan didn't completely work out, as Brody got away. However, arresting John, again, is getting old. READ MORE

Bree Williamson on Nash's Death Storyline: "Traumatic and Meaty"

One Life to Live's Bree Williamson talks with We Love Soaps'  Damon Jacobs about taking over the role of Jessica Buchanan, portraying a character with D.I.D. and the toll the death of her character's onscreen husband Nash (Forbes March) took on her personally. Part One, Part Two of Bree Williamson interview.

We Love Soaps: And it comes from someone who is a role model. The last couple of years as Jessica, your character has gone through some of the deepest emotional traumas that anyone could go through. First with Nash’s death. That funeral scene for which you were Emmy nominated just tore the guts out of anyone who watched it. What was it like for you to approach doing that scene?

Bree Williamson: I wasn’t excited about the storyline because it meant that Forbes [March] was leaving. They were having trouble with where the character was going. But I was looking forward to playing something that traumatic and meaty. The funeral scene: I remember being depressed for three weeks. First there was Nash’s death scene, then so much lead-up to it. There were the scenes with Natalie and Viki in my bedroom, every day I would come to work and bawl my eyes out more than usual. READ MORE

So I just remember talking all day. I talked and talked and cried and cried all day. Everyone was really great. The part that people forget is that I was on the floor with Hillary [B. Smith] and Erika [Slezak], so I’m performing not only in front of the camera, but in front of these vetrans of daytime. It was really fun, it was a really great challenge. It was written so well. They took their time carving out really great scenes for me and made a meal out of it. Which was really great. You hate it when someone leaves the show and they don’t do anything about it. It sucks Jon Brotherton (Jared) is leaving. The only good thing about it is they are making a meal out of it. Brian Kerwin (Charlie) gets stuff, Erika Slezak gets stuff, Melissa Archer (Natalie) gets stuff. It just means story for a huge amount of people. It means good viewing.

Bree Williamson Returns to Gossip Girl

Soap Opera Digest
is reporting that One Life to Live's Bree Williamson (Jessica) is set to reprise her role as the costly call girl, Brandeis, on the hit show Gossip Girl. She begins filming tomorrow.