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AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER: The title of this blog entry is solely a reference to the writing styles of the shows mentioned and nothing more.

"The effect of drinking a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is like having your brains smashed out with a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick." — The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

That description of what is known as the best fictional alcoholic drink in the known universe is exactly how I feel watching a few of my favorite daytime dramas these days. Unlike that improbable drinky drink, this is hardly a compliment. There is something really odd going on all over the soap dial with the ham fisted lack of subtlety and general narrative blundering going on.

In a couple of recent entries, I pointed out how All My Children's "Who Killed Stuart (Not Adam) Chandler?" murder mystery has been marred by a lack of, well, mystery. As I said, what had the potential to be a great whodunit has been turned into the soap opera equivalent of Clue, one which is losing my interest very rapidly, especially when compared to increasingly delicious and twisted "Who Killed Edmund Winslow?" whodunit concurrently airing on Guiding Light. The latter show is peeling back layers and layers of motive and opportunity, while the former is peeling like an onion: it is making me cry. As it happens, AMC isn't the only egregious offender of hitting us over the head with the narrative equivalent of a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick these days: the other two are As the World Turns and, shockingly and in some circles blasphemously, One Life to Live. READ MORE

OLTL'S Bree Williamson To Michael Fairman: "It Was Awful!"

One Life To Live star Bree Williamson (Jessica) recently had a chat with Michael Fairman about her alter ego's reign of terror. The actress also discussed her take on dueling sisters storyline with Jessica and Natalie (Melissa Archer).

MICHAEL: We learned awhile back, the awful truth that Jessica did want harm to come to her sister Natalie, and that was not just Tess wanting that. Did you know that it was going to be written that way? Jessica just stood back and let all of the awful torture that Tess did to Natalie and Jared happen!


Raising Bree and Chloe: Natalie vs. Jessica

It looks as if an all out war could erupt at any moment between Natalie (Melissa Archer) and Jessica (Bree Williamson) over who should care for Jessica's daughters. Honestly, as much as I love Tess I'm sort of leaning towards Natalie for at least six months.

Who do you want to care for Jessica's children?

Caption This: Holiday Cherries

2008 Stockings With Care Celebrity Bartending Night


Check out this picture of One Life to Live's Bree Williamson and Guiding Light's Caitlin Van Zandt and then take your best Caption This shot.

Hello Jody!

The other day while watching One Life to Live I couldn't help but notice the great chemistry between Bree Williamson's Jessica and Mark Lawson's Brody. There's just something about watching two really screwed up people bond over the bad things they've done that makes one sit up and take interest. I don't know about you but I'd love to see these two end up was a couple.

P.s. What would their squish name be Jody or Bress?

Would you like to see Brody and Jessica end up as a couple!