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Will Broadway's Nicholas Rodriguez Come Between Kish on OLTL?

Don't expect Kyle (Brett Claywell) to be spending his nights alone while Fish (Scott Evans) tries to figure out what team he wants to play for on One Life to Live. While both As The World Turns' Agim Kaba and Nicholas Galbraith were rumored to be up for the role of Nick, a guy Kyle will date to make Fish jealous, we're hearing rumblings that Broadway actor Nicholas Rodriguez (Tarzan) just may have snagged the short term role. Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as the story progresses.

The Summer Soaps Went Gay: Which Same Sex Story Has You Psyched?

Ah the power of a recession! With daytime in an increasingly perilous state by the minute, several soap operas seem to finally be willing to pull out all the stops to attract new viewers and/or mainstream buzz by going gay, puritanical watchdog groups and skittish sponsors be damned.

As 72-year-old elder statessoap Guiding Light enters its last few months on the air, all anyone can talk about is the romance between Olivia Spencer (Crystal Chappell) and Natalia Rivera (Jessica Leccia) aka Otalia (sorry Josh and Reva). Will a baby come between them? How will the rest of Springfield react to their love? Will they be allowed to be truly intimate—or at least as intimate as any couple of teenage cousins on a P&G soap— before the soap wraps in September? These questions have message boards jumping. 

GL's sister soap As The World Turns has been inspiring cult love— and a good dose of fury over kiss bans and offscreen sex scenes— for the last few years with Nuke (Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann). With Noah's psycho, homophobe dad Col. Mayer coming to Oakdale again this summer, will Nuke fans tune in for ATWT's umpteenth six-week battle between gay and evil?

The Young and the Restless, the soap everyone said would never go gay again, after an attempted lesbian storyline featuring grande dame Kay Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) in the 70's met with plenty-o-pitch fork wielding, is about to be knee (and other body parts?) deep in a twisted, same sex storyline that finds the devilish (and perfectly straight) Adam Newman (soon-to-be Michael Muhney) seducing sweet, homosexual attorney Rafe (Yani Gellman) to keep Rafe from turning him in for gaslighting Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson).

Side Note: Isn't it sadly ironic that The Bold and the Beautiful, a soap opera revolving aroung the Los Angles fashion scene and set minutes from West Hollywood is the only CBS soap not telling any gay storylines?
Then there's One Life to Live. The soap that previously told the groundbreaking tale of confused gay teen Billy Douglas, launching the career of some kid named Ryan Phillippe, yet was also responsible for the Daniel Colson story stinker, is embarking on a romantic comedy arc featuring, a secret  past between seemingly-straight Llanview police officer Fish (Scott Evans) and his nefarious collegiate frat brother Kyle (Brett Claywell).

With so many soaps getting their gay on this summer, Daytime Confidential wants to know, which storyline are you most excited to see play out? 

OLTL's Kyle and Fish (aka Kishmet?) Get Their Own Fan Board

Move over Nuke. Make room Otalia. There's a new pair of same sexers in daytime, One Life to Live's Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Fish (Scott Evans), and soap fans have already created a message board in their honor!  Click here to check out "It's Kishmet!" Thanks Appleridge for the tip!

OLTL's Scott Evans Talks Fish Coming Out With Advocate

It seems like One Life To Live is no longer keeping it in the closet with the revelation of Officer Oliver Fish (Scott Evans) being gay and having shared a sexual past in college with quasi bad boy Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell). Evans spoke with Advocate's Michael Fairman on what fans can expect on Fish and Kyle's upcoming storyline:

So Fish will be struggling with coming to terms with himself and his sexual identity?

Scott Evans: It’s going to be a struggle, and it’s been a struggle. We have been working on that the last couple of weeks, and coming up, he’s going to be working on it, and dealing with coming out and seeing where that goes.

Scott also discussed whats to come with the soon-to-be new gay couple of Llanview: READ MORE

What do you think gay soap fans can expect from this couple?

OLTL's Ron Carlivati Talks Kyle Sleeping With Fish(es)

One Life to Live head writer Ron Carlivati offers a bit of insight into Oliver Fish (Scott Evans) suddenly struggling with his sexuality to Michael Fairman for Soapside, Fairmain's new bi-weekly column for Here's how the talented Mr. C explains Fish going from banging town sluts and crushing on Layla to sharing awkward moments with frat brother Kyle (Brett Claywell).

"Oliver Fish (affectionately known as Fish) is a young police officer and self-described computer geek looking for a second chance to date his female roommate, Layla Williamson. But what is the secret behind his strained relationship with his former best friend and fraternity brother, medical student Kyle Lewis? As the truth about their past begins to come to light, we will go on the journey with Fish as he struggles to come to terms with who he really is.”


After Elton Gets Exclusive Interview With One Life to Live's Scott Evans

has a new interview up with One Life to Live's Scott Evans (Fish) about Fish and Kyle's (Brett Claywell) upcoming gay storyline. Here's a sneak peek:

AE: I'm sure you're aware that there are still gay actors in Hollywood who are so concerned about being gay hurting their careers, they remain closeted to some extent. What informed your decision to be an out actor? I've interviewed Chad Allen about this, and some other actors, everyone has a slightly different take, so I'm curious about your thought process.

SE: You know, I have to tell you, I don't think I ever really had a thought process about being an out actor. I came out when I was 19-years-old, and then I became an actor. I didn’t want to be one of those people who goes back into the closet and tries to hide because I knew it would come out. With the success of my brother, I didn't feel it was necessary to hide it once I'd come out. I'm an out person, as opposed to an out actor, I suppose. READ MORE