Cady McClain

Cady McClain and Michael E. Knight Reunite at Martin Family Holiday Party!

"Tad" (Michael E. Knight) and "Dixie" (Cady McClain) ended up in each other’s arms once again at the All My Children Martin Family Holiday Party on December 8 at Planet Dailies.  Knight and McClain were joined by their former AMC co-stars Lee Meriwether (ex-Ruth Martin), Jill Larson (ex-Opal Cortlandt), Bobbie Eakes (ex-Krystal Carey Martin), Amanda Baker (ex-Babe Chandler), Vincent Irizarry (ex-David Hayward), Terri Ivens (ex-Simone Torres), Danielle Parker (ex-Emma Lavery) and Tate Berney (ex-AJ Chandler).

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Enjoy the Holidays With All My Children's Martin Family

Are you having a hard time feeling the holiday spirit? If so, a good way to get into the season is to share it with a classic soap opera family. Soap Opera Socialite Productions is hosting a Martin Family Party on December 8 in Los Angeles to help raise funds for Toys for Tots. The All My Children reunion will feature Michael E. Knight, Cady McClain, Lee Meriwether, Jill Larson, Bobbie Eakes, Amanda Baker, Tate Berney and Danielle Parker.

Fans will be able to mix with actors, participate in a raffle and enjoy food. Visit for ticket information.

Bree Van De Camp to Check Out Cameron Mathison's Thong on Desperate Housewives

Cameron Mathison fans, get ready for the hunky All My Children star to take a trip to Wistera Lane! Mathison recently tweeted he will be doing a guest stint on Desperate Housewives. The actor went on to tell ABC Soaps In Depth his character will have a fling with Bree (Marcia Cross). According to Mathison:

I play one of Bree's lovers. We have a couple of fun scenes. I really loved working with her. She is very kind and generous. READ MORE

Did Prospect Park Think They Were Getting a Judge Judy in AMC and OLTL?

Former All My Children star Cady McClain posted a message on Facebook sharing her thoughts about the collapse of Prospect Park’s deal to bring AMC and One Life to Live to the web. In the must-read column, she reveals that Prospect Park may have believed AMC and OLTL were more like Judge Judy.

Many of these important issues were being put on the chopping block in a rather concerning way. In fact, one of the guys at PP was heard to have said, "I thought we were buying Judge Judy." Now nothing against Judge Judy, I love that show, but clearly it is a very inexpensive show to produce. It's one set, two contract players and a rotating cast of real people. No stunts, no 18 hour days, no dialogue to write or memorize, one set... C'mon. Really? Soaps=Judge Judy??

Read McClain’s entire message about the failed Prospect Park deal on Facebook.

All My Children Says Goodbye to ABC With a Bang!

My old journalism professor always said to wait 24 hours before you write about something you feel passionate about. Well, forget that. In 1996 when he was teaching me those lessons, the Internet was just a place where you looked up pictures of your fave celebs naked, and/or chatted on ICQ. Today is a new day and I want to share my thoughts on All My Children's breathtaking finale while I'm still reeling from the excitement of it all.

In a word, I thought the finale was wonderful, simply wonderful. After decades of seeing soap operas limp to the finish line in their final weeks, All My Children gave us some of the best episodes we've seen in years during the past month. While, I wasn't a big fan of the umbrella story that got us here (David Hayward bringing back several characters from the dead),  boy-oh-boy did those beloved characters shine, as this soap headed for the cliff, where executive producer Julie Hanan Caruthers (Someone I don't praise often!), Agnes Nixon and Lorraine Broderick expertly perched it, in hopes that fans will follow the soap online when Prospect Park hopefully debuts it this January. READ MORE

Michael E. Knight Believes ABC Knew They Were Ditching Soaps Before Moving AMC Out West

DC's been saying it; Brian Frons fessed up to it and now All My Children's Michael E. Knight just co-signed it. The actor spoke with TV Guide's Michael Logan, revealing he believes ABC knew they were ditching their daytime soaps years ago. READ MORE