Cameron Mathison

Pine Cones in Pine Valley

Regular Daytime Confidential readers and aficionados may have noticed that this lovely website has added daily recaps of most of the soaps on the air, in addition to Perkie's longtime (and often hilarious) observations about General Hospital. Conspicuously absent from the recaps — at least as of this writing — has been what might be considered the quintessential forerunner of the modern soap opera, All My Children.

Not too long ago, our fearless leader, Luke, asked if I would be able to write a daily recap of the show since I've been watching it; I regrettably informed him that because of a currently unpredictable schedule (hence, why there are long lags between my posts these days) I would be unable to do so. Instead, I suggested that I would divert my recent attentions from Guiding Light to AMC a bit more closely and blog about life in Pine Valley more regularly. Since then I've mightily tried to get a grip on the show, but unfortunately watching All My Children is not unlike walking on pine cones barefoot: it's not the worst feeling in the world, but it is still pretty painful. READ MORE

Caption This: Ryan Lavery

Take your best Caption This at Ryan (Cameron Mathison) from today's All My Children.

Performer of the Week: Susan Lucci

UPDATE: Found a clip of Susan Lucci. Check it out after the jump starting at 2.13 in the clip. It is worth the watch.

It has been so long since I've been able to say anything remotely positive about All My Children that a scene on today's episode was like having water poured on a wilting plant in the middle of the desert.

Susan Lucci did an outstanding job as the pressure of life, children and lack of love bore down on her and made her explode in a tirade or tears where she told Ryan she was tired of worrying about everyone else and wanted to get back to doing what she did best, making everything about her. The dialogue was great, Lucci's delivery was spot on and for the first time in years I can actually say something positive about Cameron Mathison's Ryan Lavery. His expression as Erica had the melt down and then, as she started to cry, he took her in his arms and hugged her comfortingly, were comical, sad and refreshing.

Susan Lucci's performance today is definitely my pick for Performer of the Week and as soon as I find a clip of it on You Tube I'll update this post.

Who is your Performer of the Week? READ MORE

All My Children's Ryan and Kendall: Same Song, 700th Verse. Sing It Over, It Only Gets Worse.

As the World Turns may be recycling 2006 scripts, but in the arms race for unoriginality All My Children is going back even further. Apparently Kendall and Ryan are back in fashion again. What could be more exciting then then Ryan and Kendall back together, yet again? I mean seriously. The angst, agony, romance and sorrow of this "iconic couple" - and I use the term so loosely a mac truck could drive right through - will spark the imagination of fans, immediately make All My Children "must watch TV" and save the genre from itself. Ryan the superhero, Kendall the second guesser and Zach the man who never loses are here to save the day! Whoop-de-do-da-day, inspiration abounds! I'm so happy I need to take a prescription drug to calm my excitement.

I know that many General Hospital fans think that it is the worse of the three ABC soaps, but I enjoy it exponentially more than All My Children, even with the mob. Only in the world of soaps do shows such as All My Children and Days of Our Lives have their ratings go up while shows like One Life to Live are hanging on for dear life.  All My Children even beat General Hospital in the ratings. I'll let everyone draw their own conclusions about what that means, but it says something. READ MORE

Anthony Geary Talks Broadway Cares

And a little General Hospital as well! Broadway Cares is tonight!

AMC's Zach Slater is PIG VOMIT! Bring on Rendall!

Regan asked you guys earlier if you were ready for a Rendall Redux and from the looks of things, DC readers aren't trying to feel a reunion between Ryan and Kendall on All My Children, but I sure am! Those promos are taking me right back to the magic that was Rendall! Alicia Minshew and Cameron Mathison have always sparkled together onscreen, and they still do.
It was an abyssmal mistake to ever inject Green-Me (Rebecca Budig) into Ryan and Kendall's orbit. As for Zach (Thorsten Kaye), my ability to tolerate The Cambias That Ate Pine Valley died with Myrtle Fairgate (the late Eileen Herlie).

Zach is a Grade-A jackass, who thinks he should never pay for anything he does! He shot Kendall's poor, unaborted brother through the head and showed about as much remorse as a celebutante after her sex tape is "leaked". READ MORE