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SPOILERS: Abigail Suspects EJ Killed Nick on Days of Our Lives!

Abigail/Will: Abigail (Kate Mansi) is anxious about Will (Guy Wilson) possibly thinking she could be the culprit. She also wonders if EJ was behind Nick’s (Blake Berris) death. Later on, Abigail finds herself at a moral impasse.

EJAbby Can't Stop Screwing on Days of Our Lives! (VIDEO)

So much for EJ's (James Scott) dalliance with Abigail (Kate Mansi) being a one-time thing on Days of Our Lives. Those two can't stop screwing like a pair of randy rabbits you might spy on a walk in the woods out behind the Horton Cabin!

Back home in Salem, Will (Guy Wilson) sold a short story, Kate (Lauren Koslow) was scheming, Gabi (Camila Banus) was nervous, JJ (Casey Moss) was almost busted and Aunt Hope (Kristian Alfonso) gave Theresa (Jen Lilley) a talkin' to. Watch the latest DAYS recap video after the jump! READ MORE

Brady Black's Friends Try to Get Him to See Crack is Whack on DAYS (VIDEO)

It's a good thing Isabella Toscano is up in Soap Heaven. It would break her heart to see her baby boy all strung out and foaming at the mouth like this!

Brady's (Eric Martsolf) step-brother Eric (Greg Vaughan) and pals Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Daniel (Shawn Christian) are doing everything they can to get him to let his nostrils take a break on Days of Our Lives. Will the hunky crackhead listen to reason?

Elsewhere in Salem, EJ (James Scott) has taken command of Operation: Waterlogged Nick. Will Kate (Lauren Koslow) fall in line like a good soldier?

Kate may be the least of their problems, if Sonny (Freddie Smith) can't keep Will's (Chandler Massey) pesky Horton conscience at bay. Watch the DAYS recap video after the jump! 



Can Theresa Be Taken DOWN on Days of Our Lives? (VIDEO)

Nobody blackmails Jack Deveraux, Jr. (Casey Moss) into being a drug mule and gets away with it! The reformed bad seed is digging back into his naughty bags of tricks to neutralize Theresa (Jen Lilley) on Days of Our Lives. Will his plot backfire?

EJ DiMera (James Scott) knows a little something about dealing with complicated women. Between his sister Kristen (Eileen Davidson) and fiancée Sami (Alison Sweeney), he's always cleaning up some sort of gnarly mess.

Currently he's trying to deal with Kristen almost blowing up the family's cosmetics firm. It sucks for Elvis that ex-stepmonster Kate (Lauren Koslow) overheard him discussing his Countess Wilhemina worries.

What's Kate's angle? Could she be looking to jump ship from Titan Industries subsidiary Mad World? I'm sure Sami would just love that.

Speaking of Sami, is she about to accidentally tell all to Will (Chandler Massey)? Her Cupid lookalike son told her Sonny (Freddie Smith) was hiding in the closet while she, Kate and Gabi (Camila Banus) talked at the apartment. That look on Samantha's face wasn't constipation from too many Cheating Heart hot dogs. Watch the DAYS recap video below to find out what else has been going on in Salem!



How Long 'Til Nosy Adrienne Learns The Truth About Nick Fallon on DAYS? (VIDEO)

That Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis (Judi Evans) is turning out to be an even bigger busybody than Aunt Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) on Days of Our Lives! Sonny (Freddie Smith) can't even share with his beaux what he learned about the boy's murderous big mama, mama and baby mama, without Sonny's own meddling mama popping up!

Sidenote: Will (Chandler Massey) and Sonny are surrounded by entirely too many women. Can they take a weekend trip to Fire Island or something?

You just know it won't be long before Adrienne's messy behind stumbles upon the truth. Then Kate (Lauren Koslow), Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Gabi (Camila Banus) will all be in same-sex couplings just like WilSon — at the nearest women's prison! Maybe Countess Wilhemina's next fragrance should be "Orange Blossom Is The New Black"?

On the other side of Salem, that shameful Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) was over their snorting crack by the Kiriakis Christmas tree! Luckily Jennifer Rose (Melissa Reeves) showed up, or that boy wouldn't have had a working nostril by New Year's.

Someone else who didn't bother to pay a lick of attention to Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign is Teresa Donovan (Jen Lilley). That little marijuana fiend was paid a visit by her granny on Monday's episode. I bet Teresa wishes Caroline (Peggy McKay) had brought over some Wanchai Ferry. You know dope gives you the munchies!

To see what else went down in Salem on Monday, watch the DAYS recap video below!


EJ Cooks Sami's Christmas Goose on Days of Our Lives! (SNEAK PEEK)

EJ DiMera (James Scott) and Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) more than prove the mantra — the family that covers up crimes together, stays together. This week on Days of Our Lives, Sami's fiancé finds a clue, which could lead him to the truth about what Sami, Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Gabi (Camila Banus) did to Nick Fallon (Blake Berris).

Will Elvis turn his woman in for her crimes this time, or will he once again help Sami cover her tracks? Watch this week's DAYS preview after the jump!