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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.19.09

Who’s doing who? There’s Jolivia coming and plenty of PC weighs in with their opinions on that pairing. RUMORS have Maxie doing the deed with one of the young men, Lulu MAY be getting a little action as well but it seems to be a Cougar theme going on and no I don’t mean Carolyn Hennesy’s ABC pilot. RUMORS have the Mayor’s wife aka Martha Byrne also getting a little action when she hits Port Chuck. Who’s the younger man? Well it SEEMS the first lady of PC is chumming it up with Ethan when she drops by the Haunted Star and they MAY just be the next hookup. Too many SCOOPS getting jumbled together? Possibly. It happens from time to time. Is it Rebecca that Ethan has his eye on? Is Maxie going after Matt or Johnny? READ MORE

Carolyn Hennesy on Cougar Town Pick Up: "Very Few Ways For This Project to Fail"

I caught up with General Hospital funny lady Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) to congratulate her on Cougar Town, the Courtney Cox laffer she has a recurring role in, being picked up by ABC for Fall 2009. To say the talented actress and author (Pandora Gets Lazy, the latest in her YA series about the mythological heroine, is on sale now!) is excited would be an understatement the likes of saying Diane Miller sorta likes shoes. But don't worry GH fans, Hennesy plans to pull double duty.

"I am beyond excited about this series and, while I don't ever want "Diane Miller" to become a ghost in Port Charles —literallly or figuratively—I see nothing but good times on ABC primetime," says Miller."From the first table read, I was of the opinion that there were very few ways for this project to fail.  Even though my character is recurring, I am hoping the powers that be decide that "Barbara" is a weekly must see."

Cougar Town
will definitely find a space on my DVR this fall!

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Won't You Take Me To...Cougar Town

The Academy may not have recognized her with a much-deserved Daytime Emmy nomination, but primetime television has. Cougar Town, the Courtney Cox vehicle that boasts a recurring role for General Hospital's resident fresh of breath acting Carolyn Hennesy, has been picked up as a series by ABC.

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 05.15.09

Has all the Emmy drama died down? Congrats to the GH stars who were nominated. Now onto the SCOOP!

Michael’s awake… no memory of what happened to him and a little peeved his parents weren’t there. Edward and Monica tell Sonny they’re not going to let him hurt Michael again. Who jumps to Sonny’s defense? Who’s been his biggest cheerleader lately despite not wanting her own son around him? Olivia. She tells the Q’s to back off. But Edward wants his great grandson in the family fold and Michael MAY be toying with the old man. He’s also not going to be very nice to his mother as we’ve been dishing and it LOOKS like Michael dishes to Lulu just how mad he is at him momma.

More Lulu… She’s with Michael and there’s also this Ethan mess. Tracy, for whatever reason, admits to her step-daughter that she did mess with the test but did she see the real results or just fix them to make sure Luke isn’t the father? But why dish to Lulu? To keep her from committing maybe incest? Lulu is also battling her brother over their maybe half-brother. READ MORE

Carolyn Hennesy on her Cougartown Role

As previously reported, General Hospital's Carolyn Hennesy has signed on to ABC's pilot Cougartown and this week she gave readers at E!Online a peek at her character.

Carolyn Hennesy of General Hospital has joined the cast of Courteney Cox and Bill Lawrence's new show Cougartown. Carolyn tells us, "I work in the same real estate office that [Courteney] does. I'm very ladylike and conservative, and then at night it's literally like Jekyll and Hyde. The claws come out, and the men have to go into hiding—the young men are all very afraid."

Cougartown stars Friends alum Courteney Cox-Arquette.

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General Hospital: Carolyn Hennesy Joins Cougartown!

Do you Twitter? I just signed up and what do I find? Some General Hospital news! According to Kristin from EOnline!, General Hospital's Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller) has landed herself a pilot on ABC. Hennesy will be opposite Courteney Cox Arquette in Cougartown.