Carolyn Hennesy

General Hospital: Hennesy Dishes

Attention Diane fans, get ready to laugh it up! General Hospital star, Carolyn Hennesy gives a fab interview with TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco on fierce legal eagle Diane and her take on being a show stopper. A must read for your lunch time viewing pleasure.

TVG: Did you ever imagine you’d be on a soap in a breakout role?
CH: I would have looked at you as if you were crazy. I don’t fit the typical soap actress profile. I’ve got curves, God love them, but I’m not willowy. There’s a specific kind of beauty in soaps; it’s almost ethereal. Look at Becky Herbst [Liz]! That kind of beauty is just not possible, but yet it is. I’m very confident about my appearance, but I’m also a realist, so I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined I’d be on a soap. I’m happy that I bring a lot of humour to the show, and that’s not even the norm for a soap opera. I would have never thought these two days of work would’ve turned into 18 months when GH’s casting director Mark Teschner called me up for the gig.

General Hospital Fan Club Weekend Scoop!

General Hospital Fan Club Weekend is upon us!  What does that mean in terms of Scoop?  It means lots of fans hit the message boards and give recaps of what they've heard and seen while at various actor's events as well as the main event.  The reports are already coming in!  Check back for updates!

So far, here is what I've got (remember to have your salt shakers near by, these recaps are all based on the fan's perspective of how things were said and the actors in the past have been told by TPTB what they can and can not say):

One fan said Steve Burton (Jason) was asked about Liason and his response was that they are stalled.  However, he also said that he would be a guest at Rebecca Herbst's (Elizabeth) event and they would talk more about it then.

The actor's discussed their charities and Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks) spoke about his trip to Africa. 

Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego) gave a fan a lap dance.  Apparently there was an auction at a Girls Night Out event.  He also sang with his band at the Kick Off and if I am understanding these recaps correctly, so did Rick.  At the GNO event, there were quite a few Night Shift cast members.  Sonya Eddy (Epiphany Johnson) told the fans the writing on Night Shift Season Two is very good. READ MORE

Outstanding Supporting Actress Nominations

Congrats to Kelly Menighan Hensley, Heather Tom, Judi Evans, Gina Tognoni and Tracey Bregman. May be best supporting actress win but I wouldn't envy being in this category. Not when this was probably this year's most competitive category.

Before I continue I want to give a shout out to Judi Evans. I have loved your work since Another World and to see you nominated nearly 10 years after that great show ended is satisfying.

I am still in shock from this category. Not that any of these actress are undeserving, because each is a consummate actress. However, the fact that  Kathy Brier or Catherine Hickland didn't receive a nomination for their work on One Life to Live is a crying shame. After losing the award to Genie Francis last year I sort of expected to see the Bold & Beautiful's  Lesli Kay nominated, even if it was a sympathy nomination. I really wish there was some way to include both of Guiding Light's Gina Tognoni and Marcy Rylan in this category. Both had great a great year. Then we have General Hospital. Unlike some actresses who were obviously leads on their respective show Carolyn Hennesy is the definition of a supporting actress and while Rebecca Herbst's status as a supporting actress is questionable considering how much air time she receives the fact that she wasn't nominated for the scenes surrounding Emily's death is striking.

Looking at the prenominations list below and comparing it to the nominees above is there anyone who you feel is missing from this list or who should be on it instead of someone else?

Outstanding Supporting Actress Pre-Nominees:
AMC: Alicia Minshew and Sabine Singh
ATWT: Kelley Menighan Hensley, Colleen Zenk Pinter, and Marie Wilson
B&B: Jennifer Gareis, Lesli Kay, and Heather Tom
DAYS: Judi Evans, Martha Madison, and Mary-Beth Evans
GH: Rebecca Herbst, Carolyn Hennesy, and Kimberly McCullough
GL: Beth Chamberlin, Marcy Rylan, and Gina Tognoni
OLTL: Kathy Brier, Catherine Hickland, and Bree Williamson
Passions: Erin Cardillo and Melinda Sward
Y&R: Tracey E. Bregman, Judith Chapman, and Adrienne Frantz

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LIVE BLOGGING: Emmy Nominations

Hey all! It's Emmy Nomination morning and I'm coming to you as "live" as I can with up to the minute updates from today's Emmy Nominations. If you are watching the Emmy's as they are announced on The View you can comment on this thread to share your thoughts.

We'll see how this goes so thanks in advance for being patient with me!


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TV Squad's "Seven Soap Diva's Ready For Primetime"

TV Squad has published its Seven Soap Divas Ready for Primetime, a compilation of actresses who it believes are ready to make the jump into the "big time".

Obviously, as fans, each of us has favorite actors and actresses who we believe could successfully take the leap in the shark infected world of primetime TV. For example I think that Guiding Light should be thanking its lucky stars every day that Marcy Rylan hasn't jumped ship because she's that good.

Here is their list:

  1. Jennifer Landon, Gwen, As the World Turns
  2. Orlagh Cassidy, Doris, Guiding Light
  3. Alison Sweeney, Sami, Days of Our Lives
  4. MacKenzie Mauzy, Pheobe, The Bold & the Beautiful
  5. Farah Fath, Gigi, One Life to Live
  6. Carolyn Hennesy, Diane, General Hospital
  7. Christel Khalil, Lily, The Young & the Restless

Which of the 7 actresses do you think could best make the jump to primetime?