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Chad Brannon GH Air Date Set For Dec. 22

Get ready for the return of Zander Smith folks! Chad Brannon tweeted the exact airdate fans can expect to see him back on General Hospital. Said Brannon,

By the way, Correction: ABC Publicity said my air date for General Hospital will actually be Dec. 22, Merry Christmas! 

*Sigh* I miss Chad, maybe Jamey can wishful cast him somewhere....

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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

I was on a GH high last week and what always gets me about this show is that I feel like I come down too hard. I haven’t been feeling that high this week and in fact I see a lot of typical repetitive nonsense BUT I’m still hanging in there. I’m not jumping off the bandwagon just yet. Obviously, James Franco has me wondering and the addition of Scott Reeves as Steven Lars Webber has me giddy with expectations. One thing that is definitely keeping me hanging on… Dante/Dominic. Whatever you call him I’m saying Tom Pelphrey who? So much so that I almost gave my roommate a smack across the head when she declared her dislike for him the other day. READ MORE

Chad Brannon Returns to GH

Chad Brannon is returning to General Hospital. The actor, who portrayed the popular Zander, Tweeted the news.
So about that whole dead being dead thing...yes it's true. I will be appearing on General Hospital again. It will air sometime in mid Dec!

Thanks to doodleynoodle for the tip!

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