Chandler Massey

Granny Sami Goes BALLISTIC on Nick on Days of Our Lives!

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) burst into the cabin and capped Jensen’s (Derek Magyar) ass like a five-year old playing Duck Hunt at Chuck E. Cheese. Nick (Blake Berris) immediately told Hope that Will (Chandler Massey) had been shot.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) accused Kate (Lauren Koslow) of putting Rafe (Galen Gering) in a coma. A furious Kate hauled off and slapped Sami. Sami then realized Kate had fallen in love with Rafe, and began to taunt her long-time nemesis.

Gabi (Camila Banus) demanded to know why her baby wasn’t crying. Sonny (Freddie Smith) didn’t know, because he had no idea what he was doing. Sonny began swatting the baby’s butt, which caused it to start crying. READ MORE

What's Wrong With Will and Gabi's Baby on Days of Our Lives? (VIDEO)

Both the lives of Will Horton (Chandler Massey) and his infant daughter are in jeopardy on Days of Our Lives. On Wednesday's installment, Sonny (Freddie Smith) managed to deliver his boyfriend's bambino, but the little lady has yet to exercise her lungs. A kid who can't scream? Are we sure she's related to Sami (Alison Sweeney)?

If William and that brat make it out of this whole kidnapping-plus-delivery-in-the-woods saga alive, he owes Sonny breakfast in bed for like six months. Dude had to stick his hands up Gabi's (Camila Banus) va jay jay?! Now that is true love.

Back to Granny Brady, she was off getting into at bitch fight with Great-Granny Kate (Lauren Koslow) over Rafe (Galen Gering). I'm sure EJ (James Scott) would be none-too-thrilled about his baby mama getting so worked up about her comatose ex, but Mr. DiMera was too busy having clandestine meetings with Justin (Wally Kurth) in the park to care.

Do these two fools really think they can take down Stefano (Joe Mascolo)? The Phoenix is likely having a birdcage built for two readied for their behinds.

Over on Smith Island, that nasty, kidnapping, dayplayer, boy-rapist was tormenting Nick (Blake Berris), as Will bled out on the floor. Did Hope (Kristian Alfonso) get there in time to save her trouble-prone little cousins? If she didn't, she should take a switch to that fast, little Ciara's (Lauren Boles) backside, once she gets back to the mainland.

Sidenote: Whoever those Smiths are, I bet they hate they ever sold the late Tom Horton a cabin. Watch the DAYS recap video after the jump!


Jensen to Nick on Days of Our Lives: "You Were My Bitch, Right?"

Will (Chandler Massey) attempted to free Nick (Blake Berris), while Sonny (Freddie Smith) helped Gabi (Camila Banus) escape. Will was interrupted by Nick’s kidnapper, Jensen (Derek Magyar) and quickly hid.

 Jensen wanted to know where Gabi went and noticed Nick’s bindings had been loosened. The criminal did a bunch of yapping about their time together in prison, how close they were and even said "you were my bitch, right?" Nick pushed back on the question by replying, "No!" READ MORE

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Wanna know what this year's Daytime Emmy nominees are being judged on for the big night? HLN is publishing all of the nominated actors' submission reels, starting with the Oustanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series category. Check them out after the jump! READ MORE

Kidnappings! Brutal Beatings! Hot Sex! Shoot Outs! Days of Our Lives is Playing For Keeps (VIDEO)


The Young and the Restless and General Hospital have been benefiting from buzz surrounding their recent anniversaries and regime changes for some time now. The Bold and the Beautiful is offering up more edge-of-your-set drama backstage than onscreen of late; and fans are celebrating the historic-yet-bumpy returns of All My Children and One Life to Live. What about Days of Our Lives? READ MORE

Can Sami's Love Save Her "Perfect, Little, Baby Boy" on DAYS? (VIDEO)

Will Horton's (Chandler Massey) life hangs in the balance this week on Days of Our Lives. Can Sami's (Alison Sweeney) love bring her kid back from the brink? Watch this week's DAYS promo after the jump!