Charles Shaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy Returns to DAYS

Former Days of Our Lives star Charles Shaughnessy is revisiting his old stomping grounds in Salem, According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shaughnessy will return to Days of Our Lives as Shane Donovan on May 2. 

Days of Our Lives: Happy Anniversary Shane and Kimberly

Ten powerful minutes of daytime television from Days of Our Lives sensations (Patsy Pease) and (Charles Shaughnessy), also known as 80’s super-couple Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady. It was the year 1988, Shane’s daughter Eve Donovan, played by the popular (Charlotte Ross), was in Salem and mixing it in with the wrong crowds. Eve played the streets as a hideaway prostitute who became involved with Pimp Nick Corelli (Conrad Dunn) who was eventually murdered in one of Salem’s biggest whodunit mysteries.
“Happy Anniversary Kim and Shane!” were the words Patricia Pease posted to her Facebook profile on May 5, commemorating the union of ISA Agent Shane Donovan and the girl from the Brady Fish Market, Kimberly Brady. Here, you’ll see one of Shane and Kimberly’s most powerful scenes. A very pregnant Kimberly follows Eve to a rundown hotel room where she is being roughed up by one of her ‘Johns’. Kimberly sneaks her way into the room and manages to smooth talk ‘The John’ to leave the hotel for a few minutes. Meanwhile at a restaurant in Washington, Shane away on ISA duties dines with Gabrielle who is unbeknownst to the drama about to unfold in Salem. When ‘The John’ arrives back to the room to find Eve trying to escape through a window and Kimberly close by, he rushes forward and lunges at a pregnant Kimberly throwing her across the room and over a side table, hitting her head and knocking her unconscious to the ground. Cue dramatic music!

Charles Shaughnessy's Elliot is One Step Closer to Finding Out Who Raped His Daughter on The Bay

Keith (Real Andrews) is still trying to run game on Marley's (Martha Madison) nanny, Colleen (Daphne Bloomer) in the latest installment of The Bay. Will he make good on his promise to help her reconnect with her biological daughter Vivian (Tanisha Lynn), or is he just trying to get in her drawers?

Meanwhile, Elliot (Charles Shaughnessy) is trying to help his daughter Isabella (Claire-Louise Sedgley) remember more about what happened the night she was raped. And of course we can't forget Brian (Dylan Bruce) and Zoey's (Taylor Stanley) potentially explosive engagement party! Cuckoo-for-Cocoa Puffs mad bomber Igor (Camden Toy) is holding fast to his claims that he and Brian were getting busy on the low-low. Is the seemingly-scorned whackadoodle really crazy enough to blow Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) her family, friends and frenemies to kingdom come? Watch below to find out. READ MORE

The Cast of The Bay to Hold Fundraiser

The producers and cast of The Bay will be throwing a fundraiser Saturday, July 31 from 7-10:00 pm PST. at star and producer Martha Madison's restaurant, Henry's Hat in Los Angeles. Money raised will go to continuing the production of The Bay. There will be food, open bar and an auction. Charles Shaughnessy (Days of Our Lives, The Nanny, Mad Men), who recently joined the cast will be doing a special presentation at the event.


Donovan, Shane Donovan Returns to DAYS This Week!!

One of daytime's best superheroes of all time, Captain Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy) returns to Days of Our Lives this week. Salem's current, resident crime stopper Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) is set to meet up with Kim Brady's (Patsy Pease) ex-hubby in a foreign jail, before Shane ultimately heads back to town to pay tribute to Mrs. H (the late Frances Reid). Check out this awesome MVID, after the jump, from Shane's first day in Salem, way back in 1984, from DonovanManor. We don't know about you guys, but we sure hope Shane's latest ISA assignment keeps him stationed in Salem permanently!


Charles Shaughnessy Discusses Return To DAYS

TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan dishes with Charles Shaughnessy about his return to Days of Our Lives and what the devil his alter ego super spy Shane Donovan's been up to.

What’s Shane doing in the slammer? And in South America!

He’s accused of trying to kill the president of some military junta country. I don’t know why he’s an assassin now because they never gave me the details. But there’s a delirious, delicious insanity about the whole thing. He’s held captive by all these guards in paramilitary outfits who are not very nice and apparently he’s been there forever, constantly being beaten up. So expect lots of torture…and groaning

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