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The Young and the Restless: Monday's Preview

First Victor and now Jack school's Adam on real life 101... Did he really think he can get one up on Jack?


I was always taught by my mother, "If you don't know how to listen, you feel". I guess A.D.A. Heather Stevens never got that lesson from her own mama. Heather is too stubborn,or stupid, I can't decide which, for her own good. The last time she went up against Victor all half-cocked what happened to her? She got herself demoted by the District Attorney. Hasn't she learned not to mess with Victor? The man's like Teflon, nothing sticks.

Heather keeps saying her motivation is finding out the truth, but it makes you wonder if her pursuit of truth would be so all-consuming if her bed mate Adam wouldn't have had his ass handed to him by Victor and the rest of his family. Wasn't Heather the one who told Adam and the elder Newman kids not to let emotions fuel their motives? What the hell is fueling hers? I'm just waiting for Heather's boss to say, "Are you letting your ego get to you since you weren't able to pin Ji-Min's murder on Newman or is your new man candy pulling your strings?" More after the jump! READ MORE

The (Not-So) Smart Guy

It looks like Adam's getting a dose of conniving and backstabbing Genoa City-style from none other than the King of Hustlers, Jack Abbott. The newly-outcast Newman constantly brings up the fact that he went to Harvard Business School and graduated number two in his class, as if its his calling card. Unfortunately for Adam, they didn't have courses in the Art of Handling Jacko at Harvard. Maybe Brad can tutor him in his spare time?

Pairing up with his father's mortal enemy really doesn't say much for those Ivy League smarts Adam is always bragging about. Other than a friendship with the boy's mother years ago, Jack has no connection to Adam, yet all of a sudden he bailed him out of jail and offered to help him get revenge on Victor? Wouldn't that have set off some warning bells and whistles for someone who claims to be so smart?

Jack is leading a trail of breadcrumbs for Victor and whoever else decides to investigate his misdeeds and those crumbs lead right to Adam's doorstep. From setting the meeting up with the book publisher, then leaving Adam to fly solo and making sure the whole forging angle points directly to Adam, Jack might as well put the smoking pen in Adam's hand.

For someone who likes to perceive himself as smarter than the average bear, Adam is stuck on stupid when it comes to aligning himself with Smilin' Jack.

Y&R: You're as Cold as Ice

Victor's not even dead a day and Adam's acting the fool! Neil baby, pick your face up on the way out.

Y&R: Victoria and Adam's Smackdown, Worth the Wait?

Adam's been asking for it since he came to town. Last week big brother Nick almost rearranged his face.

Now after months of the digs and undermining, Victor II finally got his just rewards from older sister Victoria on today's episode of The Young and the Restless.  Was it really worth the wait?

The Young and the Restless: Carbon Copy

We've all done it before, pretended to be someone we're not. Whether we're playing dress up in mom and dad's clothes, in a school play or, just for fun. We've all wanted to be someone that we weren't. In Adam Newman's case he wants to be his father and it comes off as a poor imitation. As a friend used to tell me, "The blue print's always better than the carbon copy," meaning the original's always better than the reproduced versions. As much as Adam er Victor II tries to act like The Great Victor Newman, he's not the old man.

For quite some time now, I've been trying to figure out what the latest Newman heir's motives are. I've always had my ideas but something he'd do or say would throw me on another course. Now everything seems crystal clear when its all brought to light.

All the mind games and maneuvering can be found in Victor's play book on getting to the top, but Adam's execution always falls flat. It comes off as a poor attempt to fill his dad's shoes. Like Victor, Adam strikes when the iron's hot. Unfortunately, the junior Newman fails to attack swiftly and undetected like senior Newman can. Unlike his father, Adam never seems to be ahead of the game which makes him end up looking like the opportunist, something big brother Nick called him out on. READ MORE