Christel Khalil

Line of the Week:"Lily is a Good Judge of Character"

Did I hear things right today on Y&R when gumshoe Paul (Doug Davidson) said  to Nina (Tricia Cast) that Lily was a good judge of character, and with a straight face no less? I think I just felt Dru rolling over in her watery grave.
With Genoa City being a gossipy town, hasn't Paul heard of Lily's (Christel Khalil) track record with men?  Kevin (Greg Rikaart) gave her an STD, Daniel (Michael Graziadei) decided to take up porn viewing as a hobby, Billy (Billy Miller) hustled her about baby Delia's paternity, and now comes the news that Cane (Daniel Goddard) isn't the Chancellor heir and Phillip III (Thom Bierdz) is still alive. READ MORE

Is The End Near For Y&R's Cane and Lily?

Cane (Daniel Goddard)  and Lily (Christel Khalil) are about to face their biggest obstacle yet— cancer on The Young and the Restless. Mrs. Ashby will battle ovarian cancer later this year, says the source, and it's set to be a tear jerker for fans. With this latest development, look to see some familiar faces turns up in fair Genoa City to support Lily during her ordeal. Will she kick the bucket, or against all odds ala Phil Collins, overcome her toughest challenge yet? Stay tuned.

The Young and the Restless

Forget not messing with Texas (sorry Jamey and Mel), you don't mess with Slick Vic (Eric Braeden)!

Wishful Casting: General Hospital Superstar Vanessa Marcil as Y&R's Victoria Newman

Inspired by Babs and Chris Goutman's recent casting coup, I got to thinking about what the next ultimate casting power move should be for the best soap not currently airing on television —As The Executives Turn. Since I don't see Eric Braeden leaving The Young and the Restless to play a new German mob boss, or Mikkos Cassadine on General Hospital anytime soon, I came up with the next best thing. What if Babs, Auntie Ri Ri and Uncle Paul convinced Bob Guza's muse herself, Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda) to join daytime's hottest show in the role of Victoria Newman McNeil Howard Carlton Hellstrom?

I'm sorry, licensing fees be damned, I can count six people right off the top of my head who could be shown the door in order for Ms. Marcil to make her way to Genoa City. When she last returned to GH, 800,000 viewers returned with her. Name another soap star who can spike numbers like that? Y&R should get Marcil's people on the horn ASAP! READ MORE