Chuck Pratt

Chuck Pratt Named New Showrunner For ABC Family's Twisted

Chuck Pratt isn't wasting any time crying over the cancellation of his doppelganger drama The Lying Game. The veteran daytime and primetime soap scribe has been named new showrunner of ABC Family's teen thriller TwistedTwisted was recently renewed by the cabler, along with soaps Switched at Birth and The Fosters. READ MORE

The Truth Hurts For ABC Family's The Lying Game

Bad news for fans of The Lying Game. ABC Family has opted not to renew the series, starring daytime soap alums Alexandra ChandoBlair Redford and General Hospital’s Tyler Christopher.  Chando announced the news on Instagram. Check out her post after the jump!


Eden Riegel on 2009 Exit From All My Children: "It Was Not The Story I Was Told They Were Going To Tell"

 All My Children star Eden Riegel is finally setting the record straight regarding her short return to the series back in 2009. Fans may recall, former AMC head writer Chuck Pratt attempted to blame Riegel's schedule for the storyline bombing in an interview with TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan. Four years later, Riegel explains to why she really left: 

You left AMC for a while. Did it have to do at all with the turn that Bianca's storyline had taken?

It was not the story that I was told we were going to tell. Obviously, marriage equality is still a big issue -- unfortunately. It was during the Prop 8 time and it was the first time I felt the tide was turning and we could actually get some marriage equality. It was a really exciting time and I was debating whether or not to come back to the show and then they pitched me this beautiful story about Bianca being in love and getting married, a real same sex couple on daytime. It kind of felt like the coming out story all over again, or the next generation of coming out story. I was immediately on board,  and the fact that this beautiful actress Tamara Braun was playing… READ MORE