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Crystal Chappell Tweets About Unaired Otalia Kiss

The Guiding Light
may be out, but people are still talking about arguably one of the biggest issues with its finale, the lack of an Otalia kiss. Tonight on Twitter, Crystal Chappell shed a little light on whether there was ever a kiss or not.

@unlessstaded Nat and O send Rafe off to army. I Kissed her cheek. Scene never made the show.

It's interesting that the kiss never aired. Very Interesting.

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Gina Tognoni Does "Venice"


Crystal Chappell tweeted exciting news to fans of her upcoming web series, Venice. According to Chappell,  

We're very excited to have the lovely and talented Gina Tognoni join Venice. She'll play Owen's love interest, Sami. Sending Gina T. love!

Tognoni and Daniel Cosgrove (Owen; Venice) as love interests? Hmm, this could be very interesting....

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Christian LeBlanc, Jeanne Cooper Pop Up on Guiding Light

Go behind the scenes with Christian LeBlanc and Jeanne Cooper for their cameo appearance during the last week of Guiding Light. The Young and the Restless stars can be found with the GL cast on LeBlanc's video diary.

Crystal Chappell on GL's Final Week: "It’s Hard and Gut-Wrenching"

Crystal Chappell shares her top five Otalia moments with Michael Fairman in the latest Soapside column at and talks about the final week of Guiding Light.

“It is here and we are all watching this last week of shows," she said. "It’s hard and gut-wrenching. It’s really great, and really sad. I am proud of all the people that worked so hard on it. And as sad as it is, I am enjoying seeing those faces up there, and I know how it ends and it’s nice. For me, what is important is that these two women ended up together and that their love managed to survive. You get the sense it’s going to grow and continue, and that this is the real thing. In that respect, I am happy with that. There are certain aspects of the show, and that couple, that could have been a little different.”

Ellen Wheeler: "I Am Very Satisfied With Where Natalia and Olivia End Up"

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan, Ellen Wheeler reveals she's "satisfied" with where Otalia end up.

Surely you’re aware that the “Otalia” fanbase is unhappy with the couple’s lack of physical intimacy. Any response to the complaints that you got cold feet?

I am very satisfied with where Natalia and Olivia end up. Their story came into being when I was asking for [more] romance on the show. And I’m not just talking about flowers and candles and sexual romance. I mean a romance in the sense that love is this grander, broader spectrum through which we look at all things. We wanted to explore the romantic nature of all kinds of love, between parents and children, between friends. Just watching Olivia and Natalia become friends was so precious.

But why so stingy with the kisses?

In developing the end of their story, I found myself wishing we had another year to watch all parts of their relationship as it bloomed and changed. But we did as much as we could on the way out.


Chappell Says Otalia's Lack Of Intimacy "Unbelievable"


 Crystal Chappell revealed her thoughts to soap journalist Michael Fairman regarding Guiding Light's choice to show just a tiny speck of intimacy between the popular couple "Otalia."   


Any other moments that did not ring true for Otalia that was not a great twist on the story?


To get back to your earlier question, there should have been more affection between the two women after they admitted their feelings and had the sex conversation. (She laughs) If anything, it’s unbelievable that there was not a little more affection shown.  I have had these conversations with people where they go, “I don’t want to see them slurping kissing,” and I go, “Well, I don’t want to see two dogs kiss like that. You know what I am saying?  I don’t want to see two people slurping and slopping, either.”  I think people get things in their minds about love scenes and that they have to be tasteless.  What I think would have been wonderful is just a simple romantic mutual kiss. It’s almost the simpler the better.  That would have been my choice, not that there is anything wrong with some good hot stuff.  I think it’s the image of what people have in their heads.  I think you have to swing it back and have it all somewhere in the middle, and be open to that, and then it’s a really beautiful thing.  READ MORE