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The Young and the Restless Family Expresses Love For Late Jeanne Cooper Via Social Media


Many members of the cast and crew of CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless have taken to Twitter and Facebook to express their feelings over the passing of Jeanne Cooper (Katherine). Below are a few of their posts. We will be adding more as the day goes on.


Y&R's Daniel Goddard to Co-Host 'Marie' on May 8

Daniel Goddard is one busy bee these days. The Young and the Restless actor announced on Twitter he will co-host Marie this coming Wednesday, May 8. Goddard tweeted: READ MORE


Daniel Goddard Heads Back to The Price is Right

Rob Wilson may be off sexing up Pine Valley on the new All My Children, but CBS Daytime's The Price is Right won't be hurting for sudsy eye candy when Daniel Goddard returns to the game show. Look for The Young and the Restless hunk to appear on June 17. READ MORE

Jill Won't Give Up Chancellor Without a Fight on The Young and the Restless

Michael (Christian LeBlanc) stopped by Cricket's (Lauralee Bell) office, where he found Paul (Doug Davidson). Michael told Paul he'd moved out of the home he shared with Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Fen (Max Ehrich), in an effort to save his marriage.

Michael received a call from Fen's school, telling him the troubled teen was skipping school. Michael headed home, where he found his son passed out on the couch in their royally trashed living room

Meanwhile, Lauren (Tracey Bregman) woke up looking like a kitten who'd spent all night lapping up a warm bowl of cream. Moments later, Carmine (Marco Dapper) arrived with a breakfast of chocolate covered strawberries. READ MORE

Cane Catches Lily in Tyler's Arms on The Young and the Restless

Friday's episode of The Young and the Restless opened with Jeanne Cooper talking about Katherine Chancellor, her family, friends and of course her epic rivalry with Jill (Jess Walton).

Katherine told Cane (Daniel Goddard) she thought she had Alzheimer’s. When he realized it was a self-diagnosis, he insisted she go to a doctor and find out for a fact exactly what is wrong.  Cane took Katherine to the hospital, but she urged him to go. Katherine swore she would be fine by herself. READ MORE

Jack and Victor Form an Unholy Alliance on The Young and the Restless

Wednesday's The Young and the Restless started with Christian LeBlanc giving a tour of the Baldwin's penthouse.  He talked about Michael stalking Cricket (Lauralee Bell), the Baldwin/Fisher clan and Michael's love for Lauren (Tracey Bregman).

Jack (Peter Bergman) said there was no way he was at fault for Victor (Eric Braeden) being targeted at his wedding. Victor said he believed Congressman Wheeler (Mark Pinter) was behind the attack, because Wheeler blames Victor for the death of his daughter. Victor then reminded Jack of his own culpability.

Jack quickly realized both of their families could be on Wheeler's hit list.  He agreed to team up with his worst enemy to take Wheeler down.

 Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) missed a meal she'd had scheduled with Cane (Daniel Goddard). When he called, she told him she would be right there. Cane asked her if everything was all right, but she brushed it aside. He realized Katherine was having problems with her memory.

Cane told Katherine she didn't have to go through this alone. She finally copped to having memory lapses, although she warned Jill (Jess Walton) must never find out.