Darnell Williams

Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams to Appear on The Mo'Nique Show

All My Children’s Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan will be appearing on The Mo’Nique Show on Thursday May 20. Earlier this week Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva author and former The Young and the Restless star Victoria Rowell dropped in on Mo’Nique to promote her new book.

Director of Manhattanites on TMZ!

We Loves Soaps' Roger Newcomb has arrived! TMZ caught up with Gregori J. Martin, the director of Newcomb's movie Manhattanites, outside of the film's L.A. premiere. Manhattanites stars Ilene Kristen, David Fumero, Aiden Turner and Forbes March. The film was co-directed by Darnell Williams.To purchase your copy of Manhattanites go here.



AMC: One Town, Two Shocking Crimes (Video)

Could there be evidence clearing Kendall (Alicia Minshew) of Stuart's (David Canary) murder? If so, who is responsible? If that isn't enough to get you to watch All My Children maybe Jesse (Darnell Williams) covering up a crime is. Da-da-da-dum.

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The Problem with Liza Colby

By now, it should be a shock to no one that the near unanimous consensus among most of us who watch All My Children here at Daytime Confidential, the casting of Jamie Luner as Liza Colby Chandler has been a huge bust as of this writing. We know that opinion could change in the future with a knockout performance by Luner, an engaging storyline for the character, or a relationship of any kind that could revitalize Liza and make us see her with new eyes. Unfortunately, none of those three things have happened yet.

The collective criticism of this "new" Liza has centered mostly around the (mis)casting of Ms. Luner, an actress who has her fair share of fans from her days on Melrose Place, Savannah and other shows. On AMC, however, Ms. Luner is delivering the kind of performance that might described as, if I may be permitted to coin a phrase, pseudo-catatonic. Sure, some of the dialogue sounds a little like what Liza might say, but not after three tablespoons of Nyquil.

As a result, at first I was convinced that the problem with Liza was mostly the fault of the actress. That opinion changed with a couple of scenes that aired on Monday's episode that revealed the fundamental reason this character isn't working is because of head writer Chuck Pratt's fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of Liza. READ MORE

Murders Most Foul

Hot on the heels of my admittedly scathing review of Friday's ultra-campy, Scooby Doo meets The Munsters inspired episode of All My Children which culminated in the murder of Stuart (Not Adam) Chandler, I finally had the opportunity to catch up with Guiding Light, which had its own less heralded "Who Killed Edmund Winslow?" whodunit kick off.

Since I received a little bit of blow back for my harsh (and well-deserved) criticism of AMC, I'd like to take the opportunity to explain why Springfield's simultaneous murder mystery is infinitely superior to Pine Valley's. READ MORE

Support Indie Soap Production: Buy Manhattanites Today!

Looking for a sudsy, sizzling good time? Then turn off SOAPnet, log on to your PC or laptop and order Manhattanites. Directed by Gregori J. Martin and All My Children's Darnell Williams, Manhattanites is set in the same universe as We Love Soaps editor Roger Newcomb's popular online radio soap Scripts and Scruples.

Manhattanites is the story of a Marilyn Marsden (One Life to Live's Ilene Kristen), a successful entertainment lawyer who discovers her conservative magazine editor fiance, Blake (Lev Gorn, The Wire) is having an illicit gay affair with one of her clients, Matt Malone (OLTL's Forbes March), a rising star in the art world. 

Marilyn's sister Gretchen (Caroline Hay) is paying her dues, working at a greasy spoon, while dreaming of a career as a news anchor. Fate pays her a visit when she meets cocky anchorman Kyle Carpenter (All My Children's Aiden Turner in his breakout role).  READ MORE