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OLTL's Scenery Diet

Grumblings about post-40th anniversary writing on One Life to Live have been growing recently. Even Ron Carlivati's biggest fans and cheerleaders are scratching their heads about a perceived drop in quality, including some like our friend Nelson Branco and TV Guide's Michael Logan. Personally, I'm not 100% on board with that specific criticism. I think the day to day writing is pretty much OK and very entertaining, with some glaring missteps in plotting. Unfortunately, Carlivati has developed a tendency to Guza-fy it up a bit with endless repetition of some themes ("Who's your daddy?" indeed) and his Paul Rauch-era 80's fetish does get a bit tiring. But that's not my biggest gripe.

Why in Sam Hill are so many actors chewing scenery as if it were part of an all you can eat Red Lobster buffet? Seriously, ever since the 40th anniversary and the end of the Writers' Strike, every episode seems to have at least two or three actors who floated in on a lifeboat from the good ship SS Passions and docked in Llanview Harbor. But here is the thing: I don't really fault the actors. Bear with me and I'll tell you why. READ MORE

TV Guide's "Soap's Sexiest Men" #6 David Fumero

Coming in at No. 6 on TV Guide's Soap's Sexiest Men is One Life to Live's David Fumero (Christian Vega).

ADONIS 2008 @ Soaphunks.net (Wildcard Week)

Last week to get your fave into the finals of ADONIS 2008....who will make it?

Well everyone this is the last week of semifinals in the ADONIS 2008 competition at soaphunks.net. This is what we call the "Wildcard" week. The semifinalists consist of the third place contestants from the first 4 weeks of semifinals and the rest are picks from selected judges. Now unlike the first weeks results where the top 2 made it into the finals this week only 1 will be voted in by the fans. Then the rest of the finalists will be chosen by Soapy and other selected judges. So this week you will want to make sure to vote for your guy cause only the top fan fave will make it in. 

So who will it be? The Prince of Port Charles? The reformed bad boy, gorgeous artist, or marine of Lanview? The Aussie hottie or Dimpled Newman from Genoa City? One half of the NuKlear pairing in Oakdale? or The ambitious loner executive from Springfield? Only you have the power to decide.

Therefore once again I shall put up a poll to see how the Daytime Confidential readers are voting. So give us your thoughts and then make sure to head over to http://soaphunks.net/vote and vote on an official ballot. Then make sure you come to chat on Wednesday 10pmEST/7pmPST to get the results. If you can't make it to chat never fear, I will come back and post a blog letting ya'll know what happened. However coming to chat is always a good idea since on occasion we've had one or two of the hotties show up to join in on the fun and you know you don't want to miss that. 

For everyone who already got their fave in get your campaigning and voting sides in gear because next week the finals begin!!

But for now enjoy and remember if you want to see more pics or get more info on the competition and your favorite soap hottie go to http://soaphunks.net for all the scoop.


Adonis 2008 @ SoapHunks.net (Round 1)

Hello again everyone! Just a friendly reminder that voting is now open for the first week of semifinals in the 2008 Adonis competition at SoapHunks.net. The voting is open from now until next Tuesday and then the results will be announced in a special chat on Thursday, May 22nd, 10pm EST/7pm PST LIVE FROM VEGAS!! Two men from the list of eight will then move on to the finals. So if you want your favorite to get in you better go over and make sure you get your vote counted.

Soapy wanted me to remind you all that if your favorite is not in the running this week not to worry..there are 3 more weeks of semifinals to go and he just may be in one of them.

Just for fun and out of curiosity we thought we'd ask you guys to vote on a special poll here to see where the daytime confidential fanbase is leaning. So for your viewing pleasure we've compiled a group of pictures of this week's nominees and have created a poll. Now remember this contest is not about acting ability or who is the most likeable character or has the best storyline. This contest is all about the Hotness factor. So what works for you? The hair, the eyes, the body, the voice? Let us know and vote in the poll. I can't wait to see what the fan reaction is on here and who knows maybe it'll be an inkling of the results to come. Make sure after this poll you get over to SoapHunks.net and vote for the real thing. And I'll be back next week to let you guys know who made it in.

Have fun!!

Who is your Adonis 2008?

Who Would You Lather? JT vs. Christian