Deidre Hall

Marlena’s Paranoia Kicks Into Overdrive on Days of Our Lives

Sonny’s (Freddie Smith) coffee shop once again proved to be Salem’s hot spot to bump into people. Marlena (Deidre Hall) ran into Dr. Patel and wanted to schedule a few appointments. However, Dr. Patel said she was about to meet with someone. As they talked, the person arrived and it was none other than Kristen (Eileen Davidson).

Marlena’s paranoia immediately kicked in. She accused Kristen of learning her therapist’s identity to possibly use it against her somehow. Kristen denied Marlena's allegations, but Marlena insisted she was lying. READ MORE

John Wants Kristen Thrown in Jail on Days of Our Lives

EJ (James Scott) arrived at Jennifer’s (Melissa Reeves) house and accused her of killing his child. When Jennifer denied pushing Nicole (Arianne Zucker) down the stairs, EJ vehemently responded there were two witnesses who had seen her do it. The situation escalated, but was interrupted by the arrival of Hope (Kristian Alfonso). Hope promptly told EJ to get out. Later, she confided in Jennifer that she believes her story. READ MORE

Sonny Asks Will to Marry Him on Days of Our Lives

Marlena (Deidre Hall) did not seem pleased to see Kristen (Eileen Davidson) back in Salem. In fact, she told Kristen she’d hoped she was rotting in a third world prison somewhere. When Marlena learned Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) had brought Kristen back to town, Marlena said she felt like she had a “sick feeling of déjà vu.”

Kristen just kept digging herself into a hole when she revealed she’d followed Marlena to the park. Marlena warned her that she’d never forget what Kristen had done to her and John. When Kristen offered her hand in apology, Marlena absolutely refused and warned her nemesis that if she crossed the line, she would go after her.

Assuming Kristen won’t remain on the straight and narrow for long; Days of Our Lives seemed to be laying the groundwork for some fantastic future confrontations. READ MORE

Can Kristen Convince Marlena She’s Changed on Days of Our Lives?

Kristen (Eileen Davidson) is back in Salem, and Marlena (Deidre Hall) doesn’t seem too pleased to see her. Will Kristen be able to convince Doc she's a changed woman? Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!


Will Kristen DiMera Eff Up Jarlena Once Again on Days of Our Lives?

One of the most heinous super bitches to ever descend upon Salem, U.S.A. returns next week on Days of Our Lives. Look out, Doc (Deidre Hall). Kristen Blake DiMera (Eileen Davidson) is BACK, and she STILL wants your man! Watch a promo for Kristen's Oct. 11 return below. READ MORE

Why Does NBC Insist on Lazily Promoting Days of Our Lives?

This may be the lamest thing to qualify as a Days of Our Lives promo in at least the last two months, and that's saying saying something. It’s even debatable how current any of the clips included in the promo actually are! 

Carrie (Christie Clarke) slapping Austin (Patrick Muldoon) isn’t remotely close to current. That clip was from March and they aren’t even on the show anymore! I’m pretty sure the shot of John (Drake Hogestyn) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is from the rehashed Princess Gina storyline last April. The clip of Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) looks to be from before he was held captive by Ian (Ian Buchanan). The other shots are equally bad and/or out-of-date.

ABC rarely has a problem making promos that entice you to watch General Hospital. You can fault The Bold and the Beautiful for recycling storylines, or groan at The Young and the Restless’  many problems, but at least they produce decent commercials. 

Save for the recent, successful DAYSaster campaign, DAYS' promos are notorious for providing absolutely no reason to watch the actual series. It's bad enough DAYS' spots are usually nothing more than a voice over, complete with a string of poorly-edited clips. Now they're using old clips on top of everything else!  

There is absolutely no excuse for producing promos this lazy, especially when soaps are fighting for their very existence. If you have 16 seconds of your life to spare—knowing you will never get them back—watch this week’s DAYS promo after the jump! READ MORE