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Steffy Leaves Liam to Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful

Is any child safe on The Bold and the Beautiful?  First Maya’s (Karla Mosley) dies is a car crash, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) loses her unborn child to a motorcycle mishap and now even the beloved Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) has a miscarriage.  Usually the over fifty crowd needs to be concerned for their safety, not the five belows.

At any rate, this miscarriage at least puts an end to Brooke’s seduction of Eric (John McCook).  I couldn’t handle much more of her ridiculous plan.  I did want to throw a bone where I normally wouldn’t.  I enjoyed Brooke’s attempt at coming clean with Katie (Heather Tom) and Bill (Don Diamont).  I found Brooke’s unraveling rather enjoying and it almost felt that Bill was walking a fine line in the hospital afterwards.  Could we eventually see Bill threaten Brooke should the secret eat at her anymore? READ MORE

Steffy Can't Conceive on The Bold and the Beautiful

There is nothing I hate more than the miracle baby on a soap opera.  So of course I cringed when the good doc told Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) she wouldn't be able to conceive another child. It only sets up the inevitable miracle baby in Steffy’s future, which irritates my future self. 

While I liked seeing Katie (Heather Tom) and Steffy find some common ground—as I’m a fan of character growth—I couldn’t help but jump to the conclusion Katie was just chomping at the bit to run to Hope (Kim Matula) and tell her the good news.  READ MORE

Steffy Passes Out on The Bold and the Beautiful! (VIDEO)


What would you do if the woman who once tried to steal your husband passes out on the floor, helpless, in front of you? Katie Spencer (Heather Tom) is faced with that situation today on The Bold and the Beautiful.

No, she doesn't stumble upon big sister Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) foaming at the mouth; it's Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)! I know that girl's insurance premiums must be through the roof. 

Elsewhere in SoCal, Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) tells Maya (Karla Mosley) how the cow ate the cabbage; Thomas (Adam Gregory) tries to berate Brooke into modeling her line and Eric (John McCook) once again feels the heat of Brooke's intense desire for him to be her pretend baby daddy. Watch a sneak peek for today's B&B after the jump!


Dollar Bill is Jealous of Brooke's New (Old) Man on The Bold and the Beautiful! (VIDEO)

Forget about a woman scorned. Hell truly hath no fury like a publishing tycoon who dresses and bejewels himself like an extra in a P. Diddy video!

On today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) confronts Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) about how fast she's moved on from their relationship. Uh, did Bill forget he's married to Brooke's heart-palpitating, snore-bore of a sister?

Elsewhere in SoCal, Maya (Karla Mosley) is about to go ethnic on somebody and Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) is once again shading Brooke. Jealousy is such an awful, awful thing. Watch the sneak peek of B&B after the jump!


Can Hope Just Shut Up on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Why is Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) so sure what she’s offering Eric (John McCook) is so much better than the life he has with Taylor (Hunter Tylo)?  I loved how Eric leveled her when he asked how many more lies they're supposed to tell after Brooke’s “story” unfolds. 

According to Brooke, her losses are far worse than any potential suffering anyone could feel. Please, get off your pedestal.  Then, there’s Taylor, playing into Brooke’s hand.  This whole story is ridiculous. It is a prime example of why you don’t stay friends with your ex.  READ MORE

Clarence to Bold and Beautiful Mourner: "Ease Up, Steffy! The Bike Didn't Ride Itself!"

No one sums up The Bold and the Beautiful storylines better than Clarence! In his latest update, a brutha goes IN on Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) for beating up that motorcycle like a fool, following her baby-killing accident.

He also shades Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) for blackmailing Maya (Karla Mosley) and even has harsh criticism for my dear, darling Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) for trying to seduce Eric (John McCook) into being her "baby daddy". 

Okay, Clarence, you're gonna have to ease up on Logan! The rest of your shade was on point, though. Watch the video after the jump! READ MORE