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Louise Sorel Reveals Jarlena's Summer Return in Touching DAYS Exit Interview

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Prissy, quick, run into town and fetch Dr. Meade. Okay, sorry, but decisions done in a state of abject panic don't inspire me. They just don't. TV Guide's Michael Logan broke news today that will likely thrill many a Days of Our Lives fan (including this one once I'm over being pissed off at the asinine firings), Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are reportedly returning this summer as the iconic Dr. Marlena Evans and John Black. The lovely and legendary Louise Sorel revealed the news to Logan in her exit interview. That's right gang, Auntie Viv is being cut too! READ MORE

Not Even Ernesto Could Permanently Keep DAYS' Bo and Hope Apart!

Greetings from the Land Down Under! With Bo and Hope (Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso) currently facing their 5 millionth obstacle, I thought I would post this nostalgic, tragic, but classic Days of Our Lives clip that reinforces their romantic history. I remember when this scene aired many moons ago, and I can assure you that there was not one dry eye in the house.

I'm sure those long time fans who have put up, shut up and soaked up the drama from these two over the years will remember this one well. It's a shame that the show forgot the past when they played out her characters return to the show many years later. As it seemed, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) was to blame for everyone's disappearances in Salem, but all know it was Ernesto Toscano. 

I think DAYS is missing a good, old-fashioned tragic storyline like this. Don't you think it's time they send some people away and torture them for a few months? Who cares who's responsible, we all know Stefano will cop the blame for it later! READ MORE

Drake Hogestyn Wants Your Help Getting His OWN Talk Show

Ousted Days of Our Lives superstar Drake Hogestyn believes he can run on, run on. Hogestyn has uploaded a video audition for talk queen Oprah Winfrey's upcoming OWN reality competition Your OWN Show: Oprah's  Search For The Next TV Star. After watching the clip, where Hogestyn provides a heartfelt pitch detailing how he can help viewers get into better shape and lead better lives, I have to say, I am seeing the former soap hunk, who raised one mean eyebrow as John Black for over 20 years in Salem, in a new light!  To watch Hogestyn's submission and vote, go hereThe Diva of Days of Our Lives reported the news first.


Tonja Walker and Drake Hogestyn Join Reality Bytes

Tristan Rogers keeps landing big names for his web series Reality Bytes. Former Days of our Lives leading man Drake Hogestyn has joined the cast as Jerry Parker and now his former General Hospital co-star Tonja Walker has signed on as Avery Meadows.

Ex-DAYS Superstar Hogestyn: "I Offered to Go Back to My 1986 Salary"

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has a revealing new interview up with former Days of Our Lives leading man Drake Hogestyn, who among many juicy tidbits, reveals he offered to return to his 1986 salary to stay with the sudser!

TVGuide.ca: Yeah, but you’re not just anyone. You’re Drake Hogestyn — the male lead of the show.

DH: You can’t assume that — even if people tell you that you’ll be on the show until the cows come home. When you look at the show from a fiscal standpoint … listen, we all knew there were budget problems. When NBC cancelled a show [Passions] that they owned outright, we all immediately knew that DAYS was on the chopping block next because NBC doesn’t own our show. Looking at my character, even one as popular as John Black, the cost/benefit wasn’t worth it, obviously. And I can see why they made the decision to fire Dee and me despite the fact that I offered to go back to my 1986 salary.


Roark Critchlow Says DAYS Must "Let The Show Grow"

Former Days of our Lives star Roark Critchlow (ex-Mike) chatted with TV Guide Magazine about his appearance on ABC's new smash hit V, and the subject of his old alma mater came up. The actor gave his thoughts on the ousting of DAYS fan favorites Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall .His answer may surprise you!

But were you shocked that Days dumped Deidre Hall (Marlena) and Drake Hogestyn (John)?

I try to look at things from a production standpoint, and if they have created a core of younger cast members with a loyal following who does not care about John and Marlena that it sort of makes sense. Do they want to continue serving the older audience? People are passing away so you’ve got to let the show grow.

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