Drew Garrett

Will Morgan Betray Michael to Save Sonny on GH?

Will Morgan (Aaron Refvem) betray Michael (Drew Garrett) to save Sonny (Maurice Benard) or will Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) stop him in time on General Hospital? Is it just me or is Dante becoming more and more of a Sonny sympathizer with each passing week? Since the revelation that they are father and son the once black and white cop is turning steadily into an apologist for his father.

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GH Fans Fight to Keep Drew Garrett in Port Charles

General Hospital fans aren't losing Drew Garrett without a fight. In an effort to keep the star in Port Charles fans have created a Facebook campaign and You Tube video (see after the jump). The Facebook campaign already boasts over 1,100 members and is growing. ABC affiliate WPBF spoke with Garrett about his time on GH and the campaign. He stated, READ MORE

"Whether I stayed on the show one year or four years or two years, it was a great experience regardless, and a great tool for my career,"

Aaron Refvem OUT as GH's Morgan Corinthos!

I'm pretty sure some fans are still trying to pick their chins up off the table after hearing Drew Garrett (Michael) had been let go from General Hospital and now word is out that Aaron Refvem who plays Morgan Corinthos is also out of Prospect Studios. The CHATTER from around the world of soaps is that Refvem booked a pilot for NBC. Aaron Sanders, who once appeared on Passions, assumes the role on April 14. ABC Soaps in Depth tweeted the news.

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

CHATTER about Morgan Corinthos…or more specifically about Aaron Refvem. Apparently the little man booked himself an NBC pilot. Will another Corinthos kid get a new face? My guess? IF NBC picks up the pilot, yep! As I was typing this blog, ABC Soaps in Depth tweeted that the role has been recast. Geesh! What in the world!

More on Kiefer getting run over… Sweet Justice? Will he be alive when he makes it to GH? I’m hearing that he MAY be and that when he dies at the hospital, we COULD be in for a mystery. Anyone interested in that? Sam wants Alexis to keep silent for Kristina’s sake. She’s been through enough and she needs her mom. Jason thinks something is up. Will Spinelli help him figure it out? No matter how Kiefer’s life actually ends or who figures out what really happened, it LOOKS like Kristina will believe that Ethan is at fault for running her boyfriend down. Is this just another thing for Krissy to blame herself for? IS this how Franco makes his reappearance? RUMOR has it that when Kiefer bites it, Franco thinks Jason carried out an order. Remember his threat? READ MORE

General Hospital's Maurice Benard Upset Over Drew Garrett's Departure

Upset over Drew Garrett’s (soon to be ex-Michael, General Hospital) firing? You are not alone! Maurice Benard (Sonny) shares in the fan’s displeasure over the young standout’s departure. ABC Soaps In Depth reveals  Benard was shocked to learn that his onscreen son was getting a face change much like Ingo Rademacher and Laura Wright both previously revealed on their respective Twitter accounts. Maurice also tells SID he was not made aware of the change before it happened, but he plans to carry on.

As for the shake-up coming at a time when GH is clearly at a high, with important story for Sonny and Michael, Benard says he’ll have no problem carrying on with the plot. “Sometimes,” he says, “you have to put personal feelings aside.”

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

What’s going on today? I mentioned Sonny losing it in court; it's Johnny’s testimony that sets the godfather off. Will Ethan’s flirtation with a lady set Sam off? Luke almost has the truth out of Kristina. Dante takes Ronnie to task for trying to get Morgan to reveal where Michael is hiding out. Georgie’s ghostly visit continues as she tells Maxie whether she lives or dies is up to Maxie. It will be Spinelli’s voice that pulls Maxie back. Is this all the Spixie fans need to reaffirm that their couple is back on track? More SPOILERS on what's next for Sonny's trial, the abuse storyline, Kiefer's end and Skye's return after the jump.