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BREAKING NEWS: Drew Tyler Bell OUT, Adam Gregory IN at B&B!

TV Guide's Michael Logan is reporting recent Daytime Emmy winner Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas) has been let go from The Bold and the Beautiful. The show has replaced Bell with 90210 alum Adam Gregory. According to Logan, Thomas will team up with Brooke in the ongoing battle of the Forresters vs. Logans. Thomas will also set his eyes on stepsister Hope (Kimberly Matula). Gregory makes his B&B debut on Sept. 22.

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BREAKING: Drew Tyler Bell Wins Outstanding Young Actor (Updated)

Congrats to The Bold and the Beautiful's Drew Tyler Bell for winning the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Younger Actor. What a sweet speech he gave. This is Bell's first nomination for Outstanding Younger Actor since he debuted on B&B as Thomas, the eldest child of Ridge Forrester.

Drew Tyler Bell to Guest on CSI: New York

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Drew Tyler Bell will appear on the May 12 episode CSI: New York, according to published reports.

B&B Catch Up: Dear Amelia Heinle, Take Notes, This Is How You Do It!

Last week's B&B shenanigans started with Brooke confronting Steffy the strumpet, warning her not to get fresh with Bill again. Things simmered down pretty quickly. They came to an agreement, hugged, and were relieved further drama had been averted. Little did they know, Katie had already found out.

Katie channelled her inner Victoria Newman and gave bratty Steffy a major slap-down at Forrester Creations. Following Bill’s confession that Steffy had planted not one, but two smooches on him, Katie took things into her own hands. She fired the little weasel and tore her to shreds, saying that Steffy was only interested in taking Bill from Katie to avenge Forrester Creations being taken away from the Forresters.

Steffy licked her wounds and confessed her misdeeds to her brother Thomas. She blurted that she wanted “[Katie] to hurt like we hurt!” Thomas didn’t think that her feelings were healthy. I guess car bombs are more his style. READ MORE

Last Week's B&B: "I Now Pronounce You Man And... HORSE!"

The Tridge tots, AKA Thomas and Steffy, continued trying to keep Brooke away from their Ridge. They had all Brooke’s messages to Ridge forwarded to Steffy’s phone. When Stephanie found out she was thrilled that her grandkids were such schemers and told them to keep it secret. READ MORE

B&B: Brooke Hoe-Checks Thomas and Steffy

Has the girl from the Valley come out to school Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boy for their prank?