Drew Tyler Bell

Show, Not Tell On The Bold and the Beauitful

The Forrester Four at the cabin - particularly Thomas Forrester (Drew Tyler Bell) - storyline from last week's The Bold and The Beautiful was a hot topic on today's Performer of the Week episode. Mike and I thought it was awful while Jamey pointed out that The Bold and the Beautiful continues to break the rule of show, not tell. We all agreed that the dialogue was terrible. Amazingly Hunter Tylo's acting was the best of the four, but I doubt any of us will be able to think of bear hugs the same again.

What did you think of the scenes at the cabin?

Who Torched Rick's House And Blew Up His Car?

In amongst all the Steffy/Rick and Brooke/Ridge angst on last week’s The Bold and the Beautiful, there was a ray of light: the Fabulous Baker Boys returned. Hot dog gobbling Lt. Baker (Dan Martin) and his son Det. Charlie Baker (Mykel Shannon Jenkins) were back investigating yet another Forrester-related crime.

First, someone tried to burn down Rick's beach house, then on Friday someone blew up his car. Vote below - who do you think is responsible? Of course, there's always the chance it could be a background character like Jake, Madison (an old friend of Phoebe now working at Forrester), or the soon-to-be-seen Rocco Carner (it's rumored that he's been working at Forrester International and could therefore have ties to Rick).

Drew Tyler Bell back at B&B

Heading back to The Bold and the Beautiful this week is Thomas Forrester (Drew Tyler Bell). Tune in on Thursday to see his short-term return. Thomas is rumored to be sceptical of Taylor, Stephanie and Steffy’s upcoming plans to reunite Ridge and Taylor. 

On the Daytime Confidential podcast, Jamey recently suggested now would be the perfect time to bring in a recast Thomas and to give the younger set of core characters (Bridget, Rick, Thomas) more front-burner material. The geriatric bed-hopping is only going to get harder to stomach, I have to agree. 

Why not settle down Tridge (Taylor/Ridge) and Bricky (Brooke/Nick), then bring on the fashion wars, corporate intrigue and family dramas for the older set? Do you agree: would it be a breath of fresh air if they left the hot romancing to the younger crowd? And are you happy to see Drew Tyler Bell back in his role as Thomas Forrester, or do you think it’s time for the role to go in a different direction?

Another character returning to B&B this week is Ann Douglas (Betty White), who returns today.