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Days of Our Lives: Monday's Episode - WTF?

If you haven't watched yesterday's (Monday) episode of Days of our Lives yet, let me save you the trouble... You could watch the first and last two minutes and not miss a thing in between.  Why?  The fans were treated, or subjected in my case, to an almost complete rehash of Nicole's "film noir" fantasy, that's why.  Now, if you enjoyed this the first time around more power to you, but for me listening to Sami's high pitched voice was bad enough the first time!! 

So why the ridiculously long flashback?  I'm guessing that this episode was being filmed around the time that Ed Scott was fired from his Executive Producer role.  Maybe the planned scenes were scrapped (and replaced with filler) until Head Writer Dena Higley took back control.

Whatever... it's still 40 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Ed Scott Speaks to Michael Logan

Now I know for a fact that today is yet another "Freaky Friday". TV Guide's Michael Logan has an interview with Ed Scott on being let go from Days of Our Lives. In the interview he talks about the friction between Dena Higley and himself and whether or not he was let go to avoid problems with the WGA.

Here is an excerpt from the interview.

TVGuide.com: What about the charges that you were at odds with Dena Higley, and that you were rewriting her scripts to the extent that she took her grievance to the Writers Guild of America?

Scott: That is nonsense, a bunch of blown-up nothing. I gave notes on Dena's outlines. That's it. Take 'em or don't take 'em. That's what producer-writer meetings are about. You haggle about things, you suggest stuff, but always in the end, you let the writer do what the writer wants to do. There were never any screaming matches. Daytime drama is all about passion and purpose — there will always be disagreements. I love Days and all the people there. It was a wonderful place to work and a wonderful company — there's nobody there who doesn't want that show to succeed. The cast is always ready to work. There is no one big star, no divas."

Be sure to check out the entire
interview at TV Guide.

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Whitesell Named Co-Head Writer at "DAYS"

Well, if Hogan vs. Bell wasn't enough to call today "Freaky Friday" than the following may just be.

Soap Opera Network is reporting that Days of Our Lives' Gary Tomlin, who took over after Ed Scott left, has appointed Christopher Whitesell as Co-Head Writer along with Dena Higley.

Days of Our Spin Cycles

Like clothes through a spin cycle, so are the Days of Our LivesDays of  Our Lives released a press release today confirming the appointment of Gary Tomlin as co-executive producer and thanking fired exec Ed Scott for his "contributions" and "amazing energy". 

Hmmm, it's been awhile since I took my undergrad publicity and media affairs course, but I remember something about facing a scandal head on being touted. Instead of skating, make that doing figure eights, around the issue at hand - Scott's alleged re-writing of Dena Higley's scripts and claims that he gave certain actors free reign to do the same - why not issue a firm statement about how Days of Our Lives doesn't condone violations of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA), which is why Days had to come to the "painful decision" to relieve Scott from his duties? I mean, that's how this lil' ol blogger would have handled it. Oh well, again, that would be "too much like right". Here's the spin release, er press release in full:


Unhealthy Dialogue

Sarah Bibel has written an excellent piece called Unhealthy Dialogue about the recent firings of Ed Scott and Josh Griffith and how it cut close to home for her since she worked for both Scott and Griffith in the past. She also points out how only in daytime writers are considered interchangeable and expendable. Here is an excerpt.

"It seems like the writers’ strike ushered in a new era of nastiness in daytime. While the rest of the entertainment industry shut down, daytime, as it has during every other strike, kept going...Daytime writers were the only writers forced to choose between their union and their job, the only ones with anything to gain by leaving the union. If a couple of primetime writers went financial core, NBC wouldn’t have handed them Heroes. It’s only in daytime that writers are considered to be interchangeable and expendable."

Unhealthy Dialogue.

Days of Our Lives: Denial Island Preview

I have to say I’m a little ho hum about this week’s episodes of Days of Our Lives – thanks to the spectacular news about the firing of Executive Producer Ed Scott, once again, the behind the scenes stuff at Days is far more soapy than the onscreen antics!!  If you are planning to tune in this week though, here’s a preview of what you can expect (August 18 – 22).

Nicole’s film noir fantasy.  Oy.  I’ve seen Monday’s episode and this whole storyline is sooooo cheesy (and not in a good way).  Anyhoo, after seeing EJ and Sami’s lip lock in the hospital, an upset Nicole barges into DiMansion looking for Rolf.  She finds alcohol instead, and after helping herself, drifts into a daydream (the film noir fantasy).  In it, she and EJ are married, as are Lucas and Sami; except EJ and Sami are having an affair, and after Nicole finds this out, she tries to kill Sami in a jealous fit.  READ MORE