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Pratt Falls Creators to Michael Fairman: "We Simultaneously Experienced the Urge to Slap Pratt"



Pratt Falls creators Ellen and Portia, otherwise known as grrarrgghh on YouTube, sat down with On Air on Soap's Michael Fairman to discuss how their soap world web sensation was created.  

How did you two get the idea to start Pratt Falls? How did you come about the Xtranormal animations?

PORTIA: After reading Pratt's TV GUIDE interview where he throws Eden Riegel under a bus, we simultaneously experienced the urge to slap Pratt. And that resulted in the satirical smack down now known as PRATT FALLS. READ MORE

DC #396: ABC Twitterpated

On today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Jamey, Regan and Tina discuss the latest in All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live storylines and news, including:

Jamie Luner makes her Pine Valley debut. Chuck Pratt blames his writing woes on Eden Riegel. Pratt Falls, the series, debuts in reaction to Pratt's comments. Bobbie Eakes has a connection to cult hit Sordid Lives.

Helena Cassadine returned to torment the citizens of Port Charles. As a fan of all things Cassadine - except Sam McCall - Luke is ecstatic, but are Jamey, Tina and Regan? Billy Dee Williams returns to the "hospital" in General Hospital, but why? General Hospital is set to debut in HD and the filming is looking better, with the exception of a few people who look like they hit a bad tanning booth. Tristan Rogers believes that General Hospital: Night Shift was the pathway to the future. Why is it that stars like Rogers and the majority of fans understand what is going on, but the executives don't?

Talia becomes the latest victim of One Life to Lives' serial killer, wouldn't it be nice if it were Stacy? Viki provides advice to Clint. Should Viki be Llanview's "talk to" or should she be driving story? Jared and Natalie are protecting Chloe's identity. How long can this last before it comes out? Could Destiny's brother be the rumored love interest for Rachel Gannon?

All this and much more on today's twitterpated ABC episode.

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LMAO: All My Children's Chuck Pratt and Julie Hanan Carruthers in "Pratt Falls"

Oh wow, I think I have a new favorite web series, sorry Imaginary Bitches. No hard feelings Life in General w/Greenville General! Check out AMC: Pratt Falls,a knee-slapping spoof featuring a conversation between Julie Hanan "You Didn't See What You Saw" Carruthers and Chuck Pratthole (TM Pine Valley Podcast). I don't know who grrarrgghh is, but you sir or ma'am are a genius. Can't wait until the next episode!

UPDATE: Check out episode two after the jump. READ MORE

That Trouble Maker Eden Riegel Nominated For a Webby!

Congratulations to multiple Daytime Confidential guest Eden Riegel! The talented webisodic leading lady just nabbed her first Webby nomination for Best Individual Performance for her groundbreaking role as Eden on You Tube's smash hit Imaginary Bitches. All My Children's oh-so-gifted top scribe Chuck Pratt may not have known how to write for her—she was too young to have appeared on Melrose Place as an "angry lesbian"— but thanks to the Soap God's her hubby Andrew Miller does! The 13th Annual Webby Awards, hosted by SNL's Seth Meyers will be held June 8, 2009 in NYC.

AMC's Chuck Pratt Blames Rianca Story Bomb on Riegel's Exit

Another week, another opportunity for All My Children's head hack Chuck Pratt to stick his foot firmly in his mouth. When last we left Pratt, he was telling AMC's cast to "watch out" for Jamie Luner, basically laying the cards for another ABC PR nightmare if Luner proves a dismal failure replacing beloved Marcy Walker as Liza. Now, according to TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan, he's blaming Pine Valley's sweetheart Eden Riegel (Bianca), for his lazy, shiftless storytelling for the Rianca storyline.

AMC head writer Chuck Pratt blames the mess on Riegel’s exit for pilot season. “I was led to believe we had her for longer than we really did — suddenly I got word that Eden is leaving now,” he says. Meanwhile, Braun had agreed to a six-month stay, so that left her neurotic, sexually confused character dangling in the wind. READ MORE

Rianca Fan Fundraiser To "Defeat Prop 8"

In celebration of the first gay wedding on daytime's All My Children in February of 2009, the Bianca & Reese fans have come together, with Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun, to raise money to continue the battle to overturn Proposition 8.

During the month of April, All My Children fans will have the opportunity to bid on Bianca & Reese memorabilia through auctions or by purchasing raffle tickets, allowing fans to give back to the real life struggle in California.

Auctions will run from April 10th to April 24th. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase from April 17 to April 29. Proceeds from these events will be donated to "Invalidate Prop 8" and the fight to legalize gay marriage in California.

Auction items, raffle tickets and all information can be found at