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DC EXCLUSIVE: Eden Riegel and Elizabeth Hendrickson Dish Going From Kissing on AMC to Clawing on Y&R and Doing ACME Comedy Theatre Back-to-Back!

They don't grow them any cuter or multi-talented than Eden Riegel and Elizabeth Hendrickson. We first fell in love with the duo when they were getting all sapphic and sweaty on All My Children as Bianca and her twin loves Frankie and Maggie (that is when Mainstream America wasn't looking!), then they made our sides almost split clean open from inappropriate laughter on the best web series ever, Imaginary Bitches. Now the real life friends with the benefit of combustible chemistry are squaring off as very hetero rivals Heather and Chloe on daytime's number one sudser, The Young and the Restless.

As if all those shared IMDB credits aren't enough, Riegel and Hendrickson will be appearing back-to-back this weekend at the hottest spot for sketch comedy and improv in Los Angeles, ACME Comedy Theatre (135 N. La Brea Ave
Hollywood, CA 90036). Tonight at 9 pm PST, the Riegel-icious one returns to ACME in Unscripted Dream Role. Then tomorrow night at 7 pm. PST, Hendrickson will host ACME Saturday Night. (Watch the shows streaming live here!)

I recently caught up with the two crazy, sexy, silly sirens to dish their ACME gigs. I also wanted to find out if they ever get sick of working with each other, the probability of them letting me produce an update of Laverne and Shirley starring them and, most importantly, who gets first dibs at getting to yell out the name "Ronan Malloy" (Jeff Branson) in the throes of unbridled passion in a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Daytime Confidential: I tell you what, you two just can't seem to do anything by yourselves! First you played star-crossed lesbian lovers on All My Children. Then you portrayed besties who talk to imaginary people (Well, at least one of you did!) on my fav-or-ite web series ever, Imaginary Bitches. To follow that up, you recently reunited on The Young and the Restless to scratch each others' eyes out over the same man. And NOW (takes breath), you're doing ACME back-to-back. Do either of you ever get sick of the other one? We certainly don't get sick of seeing you together!

Eden Riegel: That's really what we're going for. We like each other way too much, and we figure eventually we'll hit that saturation point. So far though, it hasn't been working so great. I still like the little whippersnapper, gosh darnit!

Elizabeth Hendrickson: Well, there aren't a lot of jobs available for actors these days soooo.... READ MORE

Is Daytime Committed to Gay and Lesbian Storytelling?

Last year I loved One Life to Live’s Kish storyline, which followed the relationship of Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell) and Oliver Fish (Scott Evans). It was probably my favorite love story I’ve ever seen on soaps. It was just a great romantic saga , that happened to be between two men, which, in today’s world, is a big deal, but I loved that OLTL didn’t treat it like it was.

TPTB didn’t treat Kish any differently than their other couples. They weren’t kept segregated from the rest of the canvas, which often happens when a show introduces gay characters. Individually, Kyle and Fish were just as well-rounded as the other characters. They weren’t just in Lanview to “be gay.”


Can Y&R's Chloe and Chance Survive Hurricane Heather?

He may have done a tour in Iraq, but the real fight is just beginning for The Young and the Restless’ Chance (John Driscoll). The perennial good cop is caught in the crosshairs of two lovely ladies. Fiancée Chloe (Elizabeth Henrickson) is legendary for keeping a death grip on her men, but sexy ADA Heather (Eden Riegel) is blatantly flirtatious and has shown potential to play dirty. Chloe has the ring, Chance’s v-card, and the apartment down the hall from him and his lusty colleague, but is her artillery heavy enough to keep enemy hands off her man? READ MORE

BREAKING NEWS: All My Children Recasts Bianca!

TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan is reporting All My Children's search for a new Bianca is over. AMC has snagged Christina Bennett Lind to play the role vacated by Daytime Emmy award-winner and fan favorite Eden Riegel. Executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers says,
Eden brought an integrity and honest innocence to the role that was very tough to match. We turned the earth upside going through the candidates. When Christina came in to read for the part she was Bianca. I think it’ll be a very easy transition for the audience.
For now, Bianca's lady love Reese (Tamara Braun) isn't making the trip back to Pine Valley and is remaining in Paris with their children. Carruthers states,
We do want to continue playing the Reese-Bianca relationship because it was so unique, says Carruthers. I have talked to Tamara about coming back, but I don’t know schedules and availability and such. I don’t want to recast Reese, so it’s up in the air at the moment 

Eden Riegel Stars in a Very Special PSA

Not only is Y&R's Eden Riegel a soap superstar, she's quite the activist! Check out this moving PSA from her recent stint hosting ACME Saturday Night! I can't stop crying. Watch it after the jump!


First Impressions: Eden Riegel as Y&R's Heather Stevens

What are your First Impressions of Eden Riegel as The Young and the Restless' Heather Stevens? More pictures after the jump.