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Should Guiding Light Get Imaginary Bitches Creator to Take GL to the Web?

Our pal Mary Montanari who writes the Soap Opera Examiner online column for Examiner.com has written an open letter to some guy named Andrew Miller asking him to help take Guiding Light to the web. I am sorry, I don't know what Mary is smoking, but this sounds like a TERRIBLE idea!  Here's a snippet:

Dear Mr. Miller:

Please pardon this intrusion, but I just had a thought related to your brilliant production of the Internet based show Imaginary Bitches and the untimely demise of Guiding Light.  You have managed to create, write, direct and produce a cutting edge show that has proved to be Emmy worthy.  The cast of IB is phenomenal and of course your talented wife (Eden Riegel) has much to do with that.   READ MORE

Eden Riegel's Webby Award Acceptance Speech!

Check out Imaginary BitchesEden Riegel's hilariously-naughty acceptance speech at the 2009 Webby Awards. Good to know with so much changing in Hollyweird, the casting couch is alive and well! Oh and before you ask, those rumors involving, Catherine, Heather, Seth Meyers and a tube of Colgate are not true, not true at all.

Catherine, Heather and That Other Girl at the Webby Awards

Catherine and Heather, stars of Imaginary Bitches, took a stand against discrimination towards imaginary performers at the recent Webby Awards.The You Tube divas costar, Eden Something or Other, won the People's Voice Webby Award, but Catherine and Heather received absolutely nothing for all the hard work they did last year! I totally sympathize with the girls. Eden Riegel once stole an award from me as well...

This is just like when Macauley Culkin was paid $20,000 bucks for the first Home Alone, which made the studio a bazillion dollars. Catherine and Heather should walk off the set! Did Andrew Miller present them with imaginary Mercedes Benz after the first successful season of the show? No. Did he offer to make one of them his imaginary mistress and put her up in an imaginary condo in Malibu, complete with a Sri Lankan houseboy for when he can't get away from that pesky Eden? No. READ MORE

Help Eden Riegel Write Her Webby Acceptance Speech for Imaginary Bitches!

My BSS (Best Soap Star) Eden Riegel needs your help. On June 8, Eden will deliver her acceptance speech for winning the People's Voice Webby Award for her breakout turn in Imaginary Bitches. The catch is, Eden is only allowed five words to say thank you. Sheesh, is Dick Clark producing this thing or what? Anyhoo, the ever-gracious starlet is giving the fans who helped make IB such a smash success the opportunity to write her speech. Go here to submit your ideas, then later in the week IB's ravenous fans—you know, the ones who helped Chuck Pratt beat Bob Guza in the ratings— will vote to pick the top 3-5 entries. Hmm, I wonder if Catherine or Heather will run up on stage and accept the Webby before Eden can get there like Bridget Dobson did to Jill Farren Phelps at the 1998 Daytime Emmys? A curse on you New World Television. My Santa Barbara might still be on if you hadn't booted the Dobsons in favor of that Soap Opera Slayer!

The change in me is you now,
The change in me is you, some how

Check Out My Two-Page Eden Riegel Spread For Curve Magazine!

Attention Eden Riegel fans: The June 2009 issue of Curve Magazine is one you won't want to miss! The issue features a two-page spread, offering an in depth overview of Eden's groundbreaking turn as Bianca Montgomery on All My Children written by yours truly. Eden and I chat in great detail about everything from Bianca coming out to her famously-fabulous mother Erica Kane (Susan Lucci), to the character's tragic rape and status as perhaps the most unlucky-in-love lesbian in pop culture history. On the heels of Bianca reuniting with her bride Reese (Tamara Braun) and once again heading out of town, will Riegel come back to Pine Valley for another visit? You'll have to head out to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of Curve find out! READ MORE

MAJOR CONGRATS: Imaginary Bitches Nominated for Special Daytime Emmy!

It looks like every cloud has a silver web series. I am rescending Opposites Day to sincerely, and totally on purpose congratulate the cast and crew of my favorite 2008 series Imaginary Bitches on their very first Daytime Emmy nomination. No, seriously, IB is my favorite show, has been since the moment I saw that one guy call Eden Riegel "bat shit crazy". Opposites Day is over people. Let's move on! 

"We couldn't be more thrilled," says Imaginary Bitches creator Andrew Miller. "Even Catherine and Heather are walking around with smiles on their faces!"

IB is nominated in the New Approaches in Daytime Entertainment category opposite fellow You Tube series I Met The Walrus. TAC. TV, The New York Times Magazine Screen Tests and All My Children are also nominated. READ MORE