Elena Goode

What's Wrong With As The World Turns


As the World Turns is something of a mystery to me these days. I haven't been blogging regularly about the show because, honestly, I am kind of flummoxed about what to actually write about from day to day.

I love ATWT. The show is blessed with some of daytime's strongest actors. In this age of massive cost cutting, ATWT found an arguably better production alternative than Procter & Gamble sister show Guiding Light. Speaking for myself, I find most days, most characters, most stories and most events to be sufficiently captivating to keep me coming back.

Nonetheless, something is badly amiss in Oakdale. The usual criticisms of ATWT are all-too-familiar: far too many recasts, underused vets, storylines that turn on a dime, compressed storytelling and ever shrinking production values to name a few. While those issues are real and important, they are only symptons of several larger problems that encapsulate the issues that I, other Daytime Confidential bloggers and commentators all over the internet have found themselves dismayed about over the last several months. After trying to put a finger on these issues while attempting to "figure out" what's going on at ATWT from a larger perspective, several things have jumped out as serious structural flaws, like a cracked foundation in a beloved old home. READ MORE

As the World Turns: Jade's Return Hinted At?

Could Jade be returning to As the World Turns' Oakdale? That is what loyal Daytime Confidential listener and reader MarkDutchViewer is wondering after Soap Opera Weekly hinted that a "kissing cousin" of Luke Snyder's may be returning to Oakdale.

For those of you who may not remember the infamous Jade. She arrived in Oakdale shortly after the death of her mother Rose, Lily's sister. Many fans questioned whether or not Jade was truly Rose's daughter but that was what we were told. Knowing that Luke was gay Jade manipulated him in order to help her work her way into the Snyder family and in one scene kissed Luke (thus the kissing cousins reference) in an attempt to help him hide the fact that he was gay from his parents.

Many amongst the As the World Turns online fanbase cheered when the character left town so the possibility of Jade's return made me think.

Would you enjoy having Jade back in Oakdale?