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AMC's Lucci and Mathison Talk Cougar On The View

You have to give bladder man Brian Frons credit for the cross promotions on ABC Daytime. On The View, All My Children stars, Susan Lucci (Erica) and Cameron Mathison (Ryan) strolled on through to discuss the latest storyline of Lucci's Erica taking a younger lover Ala Mrs. Robinson with her daughter's baby daddy, Ryan. Check the two out at the 5:22 mark.

"Turbo" Time On The View

Jamie "Turbo" Luner stopped by The View today to dish about life as NotLiza Colby.Now correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Chuckie P (Chuck Pratt) said that she wasn't an ass-kisser? At the 2:26 mark though it seems like he's off the mark as usual with things. Ok, I kid I kid, about the ass-kissing part.

"Turbo" Time On The View Friday

Set your DVR's boys and girls! Jamie "Turbo" Luner is slated to make her first appearance on The View this coming Friday. Well I have to give ABC and All My Children props for their latest PR ploy. We all know Chuck "UpChuck" Pratt says that Ms. Luner is no, "ass kisser," so I have to wonder how things are going to play out when Luner heads to the couch and tackles those spitfires on the ABC chat fest darling.

Susan Lucci Endorses Butt Cream?

The View co-host Joy Behar once again featured her funny segment, "Joy's Month in Review" where she gives her take on some of the past month's gut busting moments on the show. At the 2:29 mark All My Children star, Susan Lucci made an appearance as new spokeswoman for Joy's compadre Whoopi Goldberg's new butt cream. Now I knew things were rough since the pay cut but this? Oy that Brian Frons.. All seriousness folks, isn't La Lucci looking FAB for a chicka her age?

The View Ladies on Ex- Co Host Chat With Oprah

The View crew discussed former colleague and co-host Star Jones and her heart to heart on The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday. As usual, Barbara Walters always tries to play peacemaker on the show even when she talked about Star. Joy on the other hand, well you be the judge of that starting from the 0:38 mark until 2:06 point of the clip. Just look at BW's face when Joy talks about it, we know who's going to headmaster's office at the break!

Goldberg to Writer: "Anonymous Bitch!"

Forget the motto of Don't Mess with Texas (sorry Jamey and Mel), you don't mess with Whoopi Goldberg. The View moderator went off on TV Guide Magazine writer Ingela Ratledge and What Not To Wear's, Stacy London for clowning her wardrobe choices and suggesting what she (Ratledge) thinks Goldberg should wear in the magazine. London took it a bit further by saying in the article, that due to Goldberg's clothing,

You can't take her seriously.

Ouch!  Now I watched today's show and I'm just wondering how the hell I missed her reading the women for bashing her attire. Then I realized it happened at the very end of the show. See Goldberg in action at the 5:41 mark of the clip.. All I have to say is: CHURCH WHOOPI!