Ellen Dolan

Toast This

Yesterday's As the World Turns had one of those classic soap scenes where bystanders to a train wreck (in this case Carly and Craig's almost wedding) breath a huge sigh of relief after disaster is averted. Take your best shot at a toast by Holden (Jon Hensley), Jack (Michael Park) and Margo (Ellen Dolan) after Carly (Maura West) called off the wedding to Craig (Jon Lindstrom).

Bad Daddies

We like to joke about how As the World Turns is a schizophrenic show but today it really did seem as if ATWT had at long last rounded the bend to multiple personality syndrome or, as fans of One Life to Live know it all too well, dissociative identity disorder.


On one hand, we had a series of terrific scenes between Luke (Van Hansis) & Brian (Laurence Lau). The Gay Snyder  finally had a heart to heart with his step grandfather about The Kiss.  Not only did Brian finally admit to kissing Luke after weeks of trying to convince Luke that he'd misinterpreted what had happened, Brian even went so far as to admit that he found Luke attractive. "Who wouldn't?," added Grandpa Down Low. READ MORE

Three's Company

Branson, Martinez, Lindstrom

Despite gloom and doom about the state of daytime in almost all of its aspects, fans have been treated to some good soap opera lately. The Young and the Restless is the Must See Soap right now. One Life to Live has regained it's glory and Guiding Light is steadily improving. Some of daytime's best actors are giving some of the performances of their lives. With that in mind, there are three performers new to their respective shows deserving of special mention who I think are doing a bang up job.

JR MARTINEZ (Brot Monroe, All My Children)

Introduced amid a publicity blitz, JR Martinez came aboard AMC with a fascinating, real life backstory: an Iraq War veteran seriously injured and disfigured by explosives, eventually becoming a noted inspirational speaker for and on behalf of veterans coping with their life altering injuries. His addition to AMC's canvas was purposeful and deliberate. The show wanted a real life injured vet to play Brot, former love of newcomer Taylor (Beth Ehlers).

AMC has received much justly deserved praise for casting Martinez, but make no mistake, this was as much a bit of stunt casting as it was groundbreaking decision. READ MORE

Are You Buying What Craig is Selling?

As the World Turns' Craig Montgomery (Jon Lindstrom) breezed back into Oakdale with lots of stories of being a changed man for his sister Margo (Ellen Dolan). Sure, he coerced his other sister Katie (Terri Columbino) into lying to get him off the hook for attempted murder, but he tried like hell to convince Dusty (Grayson McCouch) he is not the same Craig that fled Oakdale many months ago. This version of Craig seems different, after several attempts at recasting, but is he really different? Do you buy that Craig is trying to make amends with Dusty for the sake of Johnny and Jennifer?

As the World Turns: Monday's Preview

Check out this preview of Monday's As the World Turns. Is Emily a little jealous of Casey and Alison?

Belief vs. Disbelief

Belief & Disbelief

At the risk of indulging an age-old cliché or perhaps inventing a new one, real life is the soap opera that interrupts our daytime dramas.

I've been away for the last couple of weeks caring for my partner who was seriously ill for a little while (all is better now); dealing with the challenges of running a business and maintaining my livelihood in a faltering economy; consoling friends over unexpected loss in their lives and reveling in the result of a Presidential election which has left me elated and joyous in an event that I, as a Black man, never thought I would see in my lifetime. This time has been filled with hospital vigils and prayers (all answered in the affirmative), nail biting suspense, and a dash of personal intrigue. In short, the last two weeks have been a period of belief and disbelief. READ MORE