Ellen Dolan

As the World Turns: Monday's Preview

Check out this preview of Monday's As the World Turns. It looks like Henry (Trent Dawson) and Vienna's (Ewa Da Cruz) fun is interrupted by Margo (Ellen Dolan).

Happy Birthday Ellen Dolan!

Ellen Dolan (Margo Hughes, As the World Turns) celebrates her 53rd Birthday today. Ellen is, in my opinion, always great as Margo. One of my favorite ATWT episodes this year was the one where she found out about Casey's relationship with Emily.

Happy Birthday Ellen!

In a Heartbeat Everything Can Change

As the World Turns' has a kick ass new teaser out for next week's show. I don't know what is going on over at CBS but they seem to have really stepped up their game when it comes to their teasers as of late. The last few for The Young and the Restless and As the World Turns really catch one's attention and make you want to tune in.

The best thing about this As the World Turns' teaser is that they are using what sounds like a primetime voice over artist. It's sounds very CWish and I have to say I'm liking it.

Thanks to MarkDutchViewer for the tip!

As The World Turns: Bravo!

I think every soap viewer has scenes from their favorite shows that are so memorable they are etched in their minds for one reason or another. For me All My Children's champaigne bath, Marlena's hovering in the air as part of the demon possesion storyline on Days of Our Lives, and Laura's return from and slipping into catatonia, Nikolas and Elizabeth's mourning over Emily's body at Wyndamere or Alan's collapsing outside Metro Court on General Hospital are just a couple of the scenes that immediately come to mind when I think of memorable moments. 

Now As the World Turns has delivered its own such scenes. Margo catching Emily naked in the kitchen and pulling the gun on her and Casey coming to her defense is without question some of the most memorable scenes I've watched since I first tuned in after Another World's cancellation. Having it finally revealed to Tom that Emily was a hooker by Margo and the look of dissapointment and anger on his face was great. The motherly pain and desperation when Casey called her bluff and left after she told him if he did he couldn't come back, knowing she may have went to far with such a threat.

And then there was Susan's reaction when Emily told her about being in a relationship with Casey which may very well be the quote of last week, " You and Casey Hughes? Have you completely lost your mind? It wasn't enough  robbing the cradle with Chris Hughes, with Casey it's like robbing the womb!"

So much history. So well acted.  So well done. Bravo!

Are you enjoying Emily and Casey vs. the Hughes family?

25 Years of History Worth Watching

So often when we discuss As the World Turns on the podcast and here on the blog we end up discussing Luke and Noah, Henry and Vienna, the Snyder boys and their various loves, Casey and Emily or how unbearably boring Paul and Meg are. Because of this I wanted to take a moment to comment on two of As the World Turn's unsung characters (at least in recent years) Tom and Margo.

I've only been watching As the World Turns since Another World's cancellation and during that time Scott Holmes' Tom Hughes and Ellen Dolan's Margo Montgomery Hughes haven't always had the flashiest of storylines or occupied the front burner.

Fortunately, the way the writers have woven Tom and Margo into Casey and Emily's clandestine romance has once again reminded me of how important Scott Holmes and Ellan Dolan are to the show. Having just celebrated their 25th anniversary Tom and Margo are one of the cornerstones of As the World Turns. The history, perspective and chemistry they bring to the show is invaluable in an era when many soaps are unloading their veterans left and right to save money. READ MORE

As The World Turns: Terri Colombino In "My Best Katie Wedding"

Anyone looking for a really good romantic comedy to tide them over until Sex and the City: The Movie premieres on May 30 need look no further than As The World Turns. The Proctor and Gamble soap was firing on all cylinders this past week as Katie Peretti (Terri Colombino) prepared to walk down the aisle for a fifth time. This time the lucky guy was Brad Snyder (Austin Peck), brother to Katie's most recent ex-hubby Jack (Michael Park), who served as best man for the ceremony. The return to town of yet another former groom Mike Kasnoff (Jon Prescott) only complicated matters more for Katie who had to try and convince Brad, Margo, Lisa and most importantly herself that Brad really is "the one".

Lisa my dear, even with a shaky camera you look mah-ve-lous!

How great was it to see the legendary Eileen Fulton (Lisa Grimaldi), daytime's first vixen, doing what she does best, scheme her little Southern fried heart out? And doesn't Eileen look great? Not even that silly, annoying hand held camera crap could ruin the hilarious scenes with Lisa luring Mike to Fashions under the guise of a termite inspection, while all the while orchestrating his run in with Katie. Brad of course was having none of that when he arrived just in time to keep his lady love from wavering, or so he thought. Later a wedding gift from Mike, one of those gaudy, Dollar Store angels you buy for that aunt who comes home for Christmas at the last minute, caused Katie to become all confused and confumbled (word awaiting copyright), which of course led her straight to Snyder Farm to confront her ex. 

How do you talk to an angel?

After falling in Emma's pond and telling Mike she was no longer his angel, our plucky heroine was finally ready to marry Brad, on live TV no less. Not even a spat with mother hen/big sis Margo (Ellen Dolan) could keep a determined Katie from taking Brad to be her lawfully wedded goof. Unfortunately the hiccups, make that nerve-ups, could. Luckily Margo had an attack of sisterly conscience and arrived in time to yell "cellulite" ending Katie's dilemma. She was finally ready to go, then she fainted!

After it was all said and done, Katie finally managed to marry her guy, complete with a hilarious sermon from fill-in Minister Henry (also a Katie ex) that basically summed up the ups and downs of making a marriage or a TV series a hit. While all involved added to their Emmy reels last week, it was Terri Colombino who deserved the most kudos. This actress is without a doubt the Reese Witherspoon of daytime and its great to see TPTB at ATWT realize that.