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General Hospital Favorites Celebrate Fan Club Weekend With Luncheon (PHOTOS)

Long time General Hospital favorites Ian Buchanan and Finola Hughes joined their fellow Port Charles residents and Executive Producer Frank Valentini at the General Hospital Fan Club Luncheon on July 27. The stars mixed with fans, signed autographs and answered questions. Check out more photos from the 2013 General Hospital Fan Club Luncheon after the jump! READ MORE

Is Emma Samms Checking Back Into General Hospital?

Could Emma Samms be making her way back to Port Charles? General Hospital Executive Producer Frank Valentini set Twitter ablaze when he posted the above picture on his account of Samms and himself saying:

Guess the secret's out!!  READ MORE

GH's Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers Weigh in on The Great Holly/Robert/Anna/Duke Debate!

Duke (Ian Buchanan) or Robert (Tristan Rogers)? Robert or Duke? General Hospital fans have debated who sexy, super spy Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) loves best ad nauseum. In Soap Opera Digest's special tribute issue honoring the soap's 50th anniversary, Hughes gave her two cents on Anna's two gents. Said the soap star:

"I have a feeling that it probably is true what Anna said to Robert on Night Shift: 'I always thought we would end up together on a beach drinking mai tais.' I'd say to Ian, my friend, 'At the end of the day, we'll be sipping stewed peas at the SAG/AFTRA Pension Home, sitting next to each other in lawn chairs.' But I think that Anna feels that way about Robert [laughs]"   READ MORE

Nathan Parsons on General Hospital Return: "If The Situation Is Right, I'd Absolutely Do It"

Is a return to General Hospital in the cards for Nathan Parsons? Don't hold your breath. TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke with Parsons to discuss his role on ABC Family's Bunheads.

The actor revealed he was contacted about reprising the role of Ethan, Luke's (Anthony Geary) stray kid with Holly (Emma Samms), for GH's 50th anniversary. Parsons stated:

"They're actually talking about that and it would be so good to see everybody. They call every now and then and ask if I'd be interested in coming back for something longer. If the situation is right, I'd absolutely do it, but things have been pretty busy lately and pilot season is happening. So we'll see."


Holly vs. Anna: Which Woman is The Love of Robert Scorpio's Life on General Hospital?

While the trio's children being in various states of disrepair (Robin is dead; Ethan was almost turned into a Spencer, er Scorpio kabob by Helena) may be what has Anna (Finola Hughes), Holly (Emma Samms) and Robert (Tristan Rogers) back in Port Charles again this week, their presence can't help but reignite the heated debate over their classic, General Hospital love triangle.

Holly Sutton was first involved with Scorpio's best pal Luke Spencer (Tony Geary), but when Luke was presumed dead following an avalanche, Robert stepped up to marry a pregnant Holly, preventing her from being deported. Although Holly miscarried Luke's baby, she and Robert decided to stay married, as they had fallen madly in love. Cue Luke's return from the dead and the beginning of the Luke/Holly/Robert triangle. Holly eventually chose Robert, while Luke reunited with Laura (Genie Francis), who by this point had returned from the dead herself. Robert and Holly were finally able to be happy together — until they weren't.

The year 1985 saw the arrival of Robert's ex-wife Anna Devane in Port Charles with his secret daughter Robin in tow. Though Robert ultimately decided to stay with Holly, even packing up to follow her to Australia; he returned to PC in 1987, believing Holly dead following a plane crash. In 1991, Robert finally remarried his baby mama, Anna, following the death of her ex-mobster hubby Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan, Greg Beecroft).

The next year, Robert discovered Holly hadn't in fact died (Does anyone in this town wait for a body, complete with a toe tag before moving on?!), and had been in a coma following her plane crash. The couple was back on good terms by the time Robert left Robin in the care of Holly and his little brother Mac (John J. York) to go rescue Anna from the dastardly Faison (Anders Hove). Holly, Mac, Robin and the rest of PC were soon shocked to learn Robert and Anna had "died" in an explosion caused by Faison. After a brief time of helping Mac rear Robin (and dating Luke's lookalike cousin Bill Eckert), Holly left town in '93.

Flash forward to 2006, when a lethal monkey flu brought the trio back to General Hospital. Since that time, Robert, Holly and Anna have all turned up from time to time, but their once insanely debatable love triangle has been left all but unresolved since the early 90's. With all three finally back in PC this week. It begs the question:

Once and for all, who is the great love of Robert Scorpio's life?    

Daily Beast Reveals General Hospital's Plans to Stay Alive

With the debut of Katie Couric's self-titled talk show fast approaching, it seems everyone is talking about the fate of General Hospital, including The Daily Beast. GH's new executive producer Frank Valentini  shared his plan to save ABC's lone soap ranger from Mickey Mouse's chopping block.

The audience needs to understand that it’s a very challenging market right now and the whole economic paradigm, if you will, of the daytime landscape has changed with Oprah leaving, the soaps going off the air, and the reality genre entering into daytime,” said Valentini, who was the executive producer of One Life to Live since 2003. “And the networks are in the business of making shows that are profitable and it’s my job to do the best I can to get the ratings up and make the show run efficiently. If we can do that, I think we’ve got a chance. READ MORE