Eric Braeden

There's a Fox in The Newman Hen House on Young and Restless


Those silly Newman kids, did they learned nothing from their daddy? Okay, so Adam (Michael Muhney) grew up away from Victor (Eric Braeden), mucking the stalls on Hope's (Signey Coleman) farm; what are Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nick's (Joshua Morrow) excuses? They didn't spend all that much time in those Swiss boarding schools, especially given SORASing!

The Newmans convene a secret meeting of the board (which includes some dayplayers who can't act), and don't realize they're inviting Sharon's (Sharon Case) puppet master right into their midst. You know, I'm starting to dig ol' Tucker (Stephen Nichols)...Watch a preview of today's episode of The Young and the Restless below!


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It's the panel discussion every soap fan has been talking about! Watch the Paley Center's celebration of the 10,000th episode of The Young and the Restless, featuring: Peter Bergman, Eric Braeden, Jeanne Cooper, Doug Davidson, Christian LeblancJoshua Morrow, Melody Thomas ScottKristoff St. John, Michelle Stafford—and the late Bill Bell's self-anointed "legacy" Maria Arena Bell—after the jump! READ MORE

Young and Restless Actress Sharon Case: "I Can Think of a Long List of Things One Shouldn't Do to Colleagues"

The Young and the Restless actress Sharon Case is giving me LIFE right about now! The ballsy soap star is proving that not everyone is afraid to talk back to Eric Braeden. On the heels of Braeden's shade-throwing interview with Michael Fairman—where daytime's not-so-favorite big mouth seemingly chastised his co-star for speaking out against the icktastic Shictor pairing—Case tweeted this:


Eric Braeden on Young and Restless Twitter Drama: "You Don’t Do That to Fellow Colleagues"

Just what exactly is going on in Genoa City? On-Air-On-Soaps' Michael Fairman caught up with The Young and Restless' Eric Braeden at the show's 10,000 episode celebration at the Paley Center. Braeden didn't hold back regarding his thoughts surrounding the storyline involving Victor and Sharon's (Sharon Case) romance.

What are your thoughts on how this recent storyline played out with all the women in Victor’s life?  In particular; Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) battling over Victor?  Several years ago, you had told me you would be interested in seeing a Victor/Sharon pairing.   But it hasn’t worked out or caught fire through the writing, or with the fans watching on-screen!

ERIC:  It didn’t work out the way it should’ve work out.  But it’s one of those things. You saw the b**s that went down on Twitter.  It was unforgiveable.  Enough said. You don’t do that to fellow colleagues. READ MORE

Young and Restless Stars and Bell Family Celebrate 10,000 Episodes

The Young and the Restless icons Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden (pictured above with former showrunner Maria Arena Bell) were among the soap's stars who celebrated the No. 1 daytime drama's 10,000th episode at The Paley Center for Media on August 23.

Bell family matriarch Lee Phillip Bell and her children, William J. Bell Jr., Bradley Bell and Lauralee Bell, also commemorated the late William Bell Sr.’s momentous legacy with their spouses. See more photos of The Young and the Restless’ 10,000th episode celebration after the jump! READ MORE

Young and Restless' Joshua Morrow on 'Shictor': "I Was Always Kind of Surprised That Nick Just Accepted This From His Dad"

Heaven (and/or Eric Braeden and Maria Arena Bell) forbid one of TGVN's kids be able to talk back to him in a scene! In an interview in the Sept. 10 issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, Joshua Morrow fields questions about why Nicholas Newman didn't hem up his pervy old daddy for hooking up with his high school sweetheart, Sharon (Sharon Case). Said Morrow:

"I don't like to say that the writers didn't do something, because they've got the toughest job in our medium," he says diplomatically. "But I was always kind of surprised that Nick just accepted this from his dad. There were never any scenes showing legitimate anger, like, 'What are you doing?! I had several scenes with Sharon [Case, who plays Sharon] where Nick voices his displeasure..." He pauses and shakes his head. "There are so many stories happening, so maybe they couldn't invest in that. The writers just wrote Nick with him raising his hands, like, 'Well, what can I do?" READ MORE