Eric Braeden

Is Adam About to Tell The Truth and Shame The DEVIL on The Young and the Restless?! (SNEAK PEEK)

"My name is Victor Adam Newman, Jr. and I am confessing to the hit-and-run murder of Delia Abbott."

Something tells me Adam (Michael Muhney) isn't planning to upload that video to his profile. Is the black sheep of the Newman dynasty really about to confess to mowing Delia down like a stray blade of grass on The Young and the Restless? It sure looks that way! How Adam's vision-challenged behind was ever allowed a Wisconsin state driver's license, I'll never know.

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Leslie (Angell Conwell) learns the truth about Dylan's (Steve Burton) paternity and confronts Susan Moore...wait, wrong show! She confronts Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott).

It's hard out there for an ex-stripper, because Victor (Eric Braeden) is also ticked at Nikki for keeping secrets! I expect a "How DER YEW?!" any second. Watch this week's Y&R promo after the jump!


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How did the cast and crew of The Young and the Restless deal with those draconian budget cuts we've heard so much about in recent years? By making a hilarious spoof entitled The Young and the Recyclable, that's how!

From the delightfully-wicked brains of those yucksters at Y&R comes this video vignette envisioning what would have happened if Y&R had done the unthinkable and decided to permanently recast Jeanne Cooper's legendary Kay Chancellor. Check out the late Paul Rauch in the spoof, proving he was quite the thespian too in his own right! Oh and Eric Braeden, you better WORK!


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