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Battle of The Blondes: Nicole Takes on Kristen on Days of Our Lives!

Nicole (Arianne Zucker) confronted Kristen (Eileen Davidson) about Ms. DiMera's schemes against Brady (Eric Martsolf).  The two traded barbs, before Nicole physically attacked Kristen.

Brady arrived just in time to pull them apart. Why does Brady have to be so stupid?  Shouldn't Nicole and Sami (Alison Sweeny) being in agreement about Kristen being bad news serve as some sort of sign of an impending Salem apocalypse?

Nicole to Kristen: “We both know you’re a phony bitch!”

Kristen: “Takes one to know one.” READ MORE

Can Brady Convince His Family Kristen Has Changed on Days of Our Lives?

Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Kristen’s (Eileen Davidson) relationship has stirred up a lot of turmoil in the Black, Brady, Kiriakis and DiMera families. This week on Days of Our Lives, Brady tries to convince his family the flaxen-haired DiMera has changed. Does Brady truly believe his own hype, or is he beginning to question Kristen's motives as well? Watch this week’s DAYS promo after the jump!


Homemade Horton Donuts For Everyone: Days of Our Lives Hits 21-Week High Among W18-49!


The turnaround at NBC's singular daytime soap Days of Our Lives is in full effect. Amid a creative renaissance (Superbitch Kristen; Wedding Interruptus) and a renewal, the sudser hit a 21-week high among the coveted women 18-49 demo the week of Jan. 14-18. READ MORE

Brady’s Family Unites Against His Relationship With Kristen on Days of Our Lives

Some things just don’t change, even after a two-and-a-half week hiatus from watching Days of Our Lives because of the holidays. When I last tuned in, the only thing remotely interesting was Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Kristen (Eileen Davidson). Whether ironic, sad or depressing, one thing is certain; absolutely nothing has changed. It is still the only interesting storyline.

Sure, Brady continues to be an idiot, and yes Kristen’s toying smirk can be a bit annoying when done too often. However, 95% of the time, they are the single best thing DAYS has to offer. The impact of their relationship's revelation on his family was fantastic.

John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) were in fine form on Monday. Marlena let John have it, after he confronted her about keeping Brady’s relationship a secret for so long. She demanded to know if she was supposed to have taped Brady and Kristen having sex, because he wouldn't have believed her otherwise.

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Kristen Torments Marlena on Days of Our Lives

Kristen (Eileen Davidson) hunted down Marlena (Deidre Hall) to find out why she hadn’t spilled to John (Drake Hogestyn) about her having sex with Brady (Eric Martsolf). She needed Marlena to tell John to help further her plot, and quickly started to torment her nemesis. Marlena said Brady was too fragile for Kristen's clutches. Of course, John walked up as the two were talking.  Meanwhile, Brady ran into Maggie, (Suzanne Rogers) who told him that she’d never seen him look better. READ MORE