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Shirtless Soap Hunks Shake Their Moneymakers on Days of Our Lives (PHOTOS)

Cameron’s (Nathan Owens) stripper secret was exposed, but several Salem hunks rode to his rescue. Brady (Eric Martsolf), Rafe (Galen Gering) and Daniel (Shawn Christian) all took the stage in support of the desperate doctor.

Salem’s ladies–including Ma Brady (Peggy McCay)–were more than ready stuff dollars down the men’s underwear.

Which Salem hotty do you think shook their moneymaker best?  Who else would you liked to have seen strip down.

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Days of Our Lives Spoofs Magic Mike in April 23 Episode

What in the name of Alice Horton has the men of Salem stripping to their skivvies on Days of Our Lives? TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan is reporting Daniel (Shawn Christian), Rafe (Galen Gering) and Brady (Eric Martsolf) will take part in a strip show to benefit Salem University Hospital — and to help out Cameron (Nathan Owens)! Say what now?

According to Gering:

Cameron's in danger of getting caught and losing his job as a doctor so his pals help him out by joining him on stage," says Gering. "If we all shake our tallywhackers for charity, how bad can it be, right?" The guys are dressed YMCA-style: Gering as a construction worker, Martsolf as a cop,Shawn Christian [Daniel] as a cowboy. "Eric clearly has a lot of experience doing strip shows," cracks Gering. "And I think Shawn was pretty drunk so he was having a good time, too. I was just trying not to embarrass myself but I kept remembering what they taught us in acting school: Dare to suck." READ MORE

Victor Plays Brady Like a Fiddle on Days of Our Lives

Victor (John Aniston) thought his grandson had finally come to his senses, when Brady (Eric Martsolf) dropped by the Kiriakis mansion. He was wrong.

Victor said Kristen (Eileen Davidson) was the worst addiction Brady had ever face. He warned his late daughter's son, saying Kristen was going to suck his soul dry.
Brady, being one of the dumbest characters in soaps, didn't listen to a word his grandfather said. 

Suddenly, Victor changed his tune and apologized. He made up with Brady, saying he'd support him.

After Brady left, Henderson said he was happy to hear Victor was supporting Brady. Victor revealed he had no intention of supporting Brady; he was just biding his time. READ MORE

Brady Pops the Question to Kristen on Days of Our Lives

Brady (Eric Martsolf) found Marlena (Deidre Hall) and John (Drake Hogestyn) together. He told them he’d like it if they could start being a family again. Granted, this was before he revealed he’d overheard their conversation, and ripped into them about their betrayal. READ MORE

Can Jarlena Bust Up Bristen Before It's Too Late on Days of Our Lives?


Kristen DiMera (Eileen Davidson) has been a one-woman wrecking crew when it comes to the Black family on Days of Our Lives. Since her return to Salem, U.S.A., supercouple John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) have split; she's also bedding John's son Brady (Eric Martsolf). Now soap opera's answer to Jason Bourne has to pretend to be okay with Bristen, in order to save his gullible son from Stefano's (Joe Mascolo) adopted spawn!

On Tuesday's episode of DAYS, John clued Marlena in on his plan to bust up Brady and Kristen, by pretending he still has feelings for his diabolical ex. Will John's scam work, or will he push the late Isabella's baby boy further into Kristen's clutches?

Elsewhere in town, Nancy (Patrika Darbo) and Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) wondered if their plotting and planning to permanently bust up Dannifer (Shawn Christian and Melissa Reeves) was working. Watch the recap video after the jump!


How Will Brady Get Back at John on Days of Our Lives?

Has Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) relationship with John (Drake Hogestyn) devolved to the point where he’ll ask Kristen (Eileen Davidson) to marry him out of spite? This week Brady proposes to Kristen, but what made him do it? Watch the Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!