Farah Fath

The Innocence of Youth, Lost

The other day I was thinking, quite a shock I know, about the fact that very few of today's soaps have true "teen" (pre college) storylines anymore.

Gone are the days of teen storylines such as General Hospital's Lucky, Elizabeth, Nikolas and Emily, Days of Our Lives' Belle, Shawn, Chloe and Brady and The Young and the Restless' Glo by Jabot Kids. The classic "four teen" formula that dominated much of soaps through the late 90's, and made stars out of Jonathan Jackson, Rebecca Herbst, Tyler Christopher, Kirsten Storms, Jason Cook, Nadia Bjorlin, Kyle Lowder, Farah Fath and countless others before them, seems to have been replaced by the "duo."

As the World Turns has Parker and Liberty. General Hospital doesn't have any true teens. The Young and the Restless has Noah and Eden. The Bold and the Beautiful has Stephanie and Marcus (not true teens).  All My Children's last attempt at recreating the forumla bombed and the show is now rebuilding with Colby and Petey. Guiding Light has Daisy and Rafe. Days of Our Lives,  which practically defined the formula with Sami, Austin, Carrie and Lucas, has no true teen characters except maybe Melanie. A character not even Blake Berris' Nick Fallon (a post college character) can save.

At the moment only One Life to Live seems to be following the "four teen" formula with Starr (Kristen Alderson), Cole (Brandon Buddy), Langston (Brittany Underwood) and Markko Rivera (Jason Tam). Now granted, at least one of these four actors isn't actually a teen, but the characters are all still in highschool. In honor of these four characters I thought I'd see which couple fans enjoy most.

Which couple is your favorite?

Game On!

Jennifer, Colin, & Lindsay
Every once in a while a soap produces a story arc that renews one's faith in the genre.

One Life to Live's "Who Wants to Be Shane Morasco's Father?" may have been a stunt but they were also episodes that managed to do right just about everything the 40th anniversary episodes got wrong.

In the bargain, they did everything the anniversary episodes did right just a few notches better. I know this kind of thing is not everyone's cup of tea, but I'll take this little detour the way Star Trek's Captain Picard likes his Earl Grey: Hot!

Borrowing the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? set, OLTL took what was rapidly becoming a hoary cliche — the near death out of body experience — and instantly breathed new life into it. While Viki's latest visit to "heaven" here and the shared Chris/Allison/Aaron Fellini-esque versions on As the World Turns were done very well, the staging and production of Rex's game show experience lent the entire sequence an air of immediacy that a cheesy in-house set would have been unable to accomplish. READ MORE

OLTL's Scenery Diet

Grumblings about post-40th anniversary writing on One Life to Live have been growing recently. Even Ron Carlivati's biggest fans and cheerleaders are scratching their heads about a perceived drop in quality, including some like our friend Nelson Branco and TV Guide's Michael Logan. Personally, I'm not 100% on board with that specific criticism. I think the day to day writing is pretty much OK and very entertaining, with some glaring missteps in plotting. Unfortunately, Carlivati has developed a tendency to Guza-fy it up a bit with endless repetition of some themes ("Who's your daddy?" indeed) and his Paul Rauch-era 80's fetish does get a bit tiring. But that's not my biggest gripe.

Why in Sam Hill are so many actors chewing scenery as if it were part of an all you can eat Red Lobster buffet? Seriously, ever since the 40th anniversary and the end of the Writers' Strike, every episode seems to have at least two or three actors who floated in on a lifeboat from the good ship SS Passions and docked in Llanview Harbor. But here is the thing: I don't really fault the actors. Bear with me and I'll tell you why. READ MORE

ABC Promo: Jaw, Meet Floor

Jaw, meet floor. ABC actually did a TV promo that included soap stars from All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital that wasn't daytime specific. In the spot, promoting the entire ABC lineup, All My Children's Susan Lucci, Cameron Mathison, and Rebecca Budig, One Life to Live's Farah Fath and John-Paul Lavoisier and General Hospital's Maurice Bernard and Steve Burton all appear among other ABC stars including the ladies of Desperate Housewives, America Ferrera, Boston Legal's William Shatner and James Spader, and the cast of Grey's Anatomy, among others.

More Emmy Presenters Added

The 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards
has just added Trya Banks, Jimmy Kimmel, Susan Lucci, Barbara Walters and Montel Williams to its list of presenters.

is reporting that "Kimmel has been asked to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Regis Philbin, who is being recognized for his 40 years in television on shows such as Live with Regis and Kelly, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Million Dollar Password."

Here are the presenters from your favorite soaps.

All My Children: Darnell Williams, Debbi Morgan and Cornelius Smith
As the World Turns: Jake Silbermann and Van Hansis
Bold and Beautiful: Jack Wagner and Heather Tom
Days of Our Lives: Alison Sweeney, Arianne Zucker and Nadia Bjorlin
General Hospital: Anthony Geary, Sarah Brown, Laura Wright, Kirsten Storms, Jason Cook and Bradford Anderson
Guiding Light: Daniel Cosgrove and Marcy Rylan
One Life to Live: Susan Haskell, Michael Easton, Kassie DePavia, Farah Fath and John-Paul Lavoisier
Young and Restless: Melody Thomas Scott, Doug Davidson and Don Diamont.

As we reported previously, daytime's equivalent of Ryan Seacrest, All My Children's Cameron Mathison and The View's Sherri Shepherd will be hosting this year's award show. 

One Life to Live: Happy Birthday Farah!

Happy 24th Birthday to One Life to Live's Farah Fath (Gigi)! I have been a huge fan of Fath's since she was the lovable-yet-trouble prone Meems on Days. The Academy might not have realized how awesome you are this year, but we do! Last Blast Gang forever! Thanks to Kelli for the tip!