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Broadcasting & Cable Report: "General Hospital Has Seen The Most Improvement of Any Soap"

A new, in depth report from Broadcasting & Cable touts ratings stabilization and/or growth among the four remaining daytime soap operas, while singling out ABC Daytime's General Hospital as the sudser which has seen the most growth this season. From the article:

So far this season, General Hospital has seen the most improvement of any soap, climbing 21% in households to a 2.3 from a 1.9; GH is up 7% among women 25-54, to a 1.6 from a 1.5.


All FIVE Eligible Daytime Soaps Receive Outstanding Drama Emmy Nods!

They say it's an honor simply to be nominated, but is that still the case when everybody who could receive a shout out did? All five soaps eligible for Outstanding Drama Series consideration received Daytime Emmy nominations today. READ MORE

INTERVIEW: Jackie Zeman Chats Up Her General Hospital Visit, Cartini and Bobbie's Missing Son Lucas

Who better to celebrate General Hospital’s 50th Anniversary with than Jackie Zeman? At the Paley Center, the actress, who recently reprised beloved Nurse Bobbie Spencer,  shared her absolute joy over coming back to GH, her thoughts on a potential return for Bobbie's son Lucas and gave her thoughts on Frank Valentini and  Ron Carlivati

Daytime Confidential: What is like to be back for the 50th Anniversary and under the new team of executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati?

Jackie Zeman: It’s great to be back. I’m happy it’s for the 50th, because that’s a big deal, but under this team is the biggest part of what you just said.  Working with Mr. Valentini and Mr. Carlivati is amazing.  I’ve worked with a lot of executive producers, everyone that has been on GH for 35 years, that’s a lot of EP’s. There is a new energy and revitalization to the show. There’s this respect for what’s gone on in the history, but they’ve taken General Hospital and instead of redoing old stuff, they’ve brought it into the present and into the future with all this exciting intrigue and romance.  It’s compelling once again.  That’s exciting to be a part of. READ MORE

INTERVIEW: Kimberly McCullough Talks #GH50, ABC Directing Program and Her Desire to Return as Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake

As a huge part of General Hospital history, Kimberly McCullough (Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake) was on hand to celebrate the show’s past and help look into its future at the recent Paley Center event.  I was lucky enough to steal time with the very fun McCullough, who told me about the ABC Directing program, a GH alum she recently spent time with and of course I asked her about her adorable on-screen daughter Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma).

The General Hospital fan in McCullough is up-to-date on all the happenings in Port Charles , while the director in her had a tip for the Nurse’s Ball.  McCulloiugh also dished about the possibility of a Robin return.

Daytime Confidential: Just a little bit on your directing. I know you’re out there doing that, how’s it going?

Kimberly McCullough: It’s going really well. I just did my first episode of Shake it Up called "Halloween it Up".

DC: My nieces are going to be ecstatic when I tell them!

KM: Oh I was ecstatic! It was so fun and Zendaya is doing so great on Dancing with the Stars right now. So I did that and right now I’m an ABC Director Fellow, so I'm in the program and shadowing different shows.I'm actually going to shadow on Homeland in two weeks which I'm very excited about. READ MORE