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Valentini to Access Hollywood on Genie Francis' GH Return: "It’s Not a Guest Appearance"

What exactly has General Hospital's Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) been up to in Europe for the past five years? Showrunner Frank Valentini spoke with Access Hollywood at ABC’s TCA after party, where he offered up the skinny. Valentini stated:

“She’s coming back because Port Charles is her home and there were reasons why she was away,” he told at ABC’s bash last Thursday, following the Television Critics Association Winter Session 2013. “I think it’ll be exciting for the audience to discover what those reasons are and to sort of stay with a little bit of the mystery of Laura’s return.”


General Hospital Showrunner Teases New Love Interest For Liz!

Elizabeth Webber's (Rebecca Herbst) love life has been a bit lacking as of late on General Hospital, but it looks like Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati intend to remedy the situation. Though he ruled out pairing Liz with Patrick (Jason Thompson) or AJ (Sean Kanan), in an interview with Sara Bibel at Xfinity, Valentini talked about their plans for bring love back to Liz's life.

Some people feel that she has a storyline that should rightfully be Liz’s, in that Robin was Liz’s best friend but Sabrina’s the one saving the nurse’s ball and getting involved with Patrick.

But that’s just wrong because Liz and Patrick are like brother and sister. It would be creepy if they were together. Liz has a new love interest on the horizon.

People love Liz and there is concern about her storyline.

I love Liz. I love Becky [Herbst]. She’s fantastic. But something needs to be built. I think that character’s been bounced around. She’s got three different children from three different men. If she’s going to say, “I love you” to somebody, it’s got to be real and it’s got to mean something. She’s not going to jump right into it. That’s not who she is. I think everyone’s forgotten a little bit what makes Liz the character you most identify with and most want to be. Becky’s got the acting chops to pull it off if you go through every step of the relationship. READ MORE

Frank Valentini on GH's One Life to Live Characters: “We’re Trying to Work it Out”

Since news broke that Prospect Park was renewing their plans to revive One Life to Live, fans have been wondering what this could mean for the three former Llanview residents currently residing in fictional Port Charles, New York on General Hospital. In an interview with TV Guide, Frank Valentini addressed the possible conflict.

TV Guide Magazine: With Prospect Park now reviving One Life to Live, which you executive produced in its final days, there are reports that they have first rights to the characters of John McBain and Todd and Starr Manning, who you've now successfully integrated into the Port Charles canvas. Should we be worried they'll all have to say goodbye?

Valentini: Right now we're trying to work it out. I can't really say because the lawyers are doing their thing. Our hope is that we'll be able to continue what we're be doing.

ABC’s Paul Lee: "I'm Thrilled to See General Hospital Rocking and Rolling in The Afternoon"

Here is some encouraging news for General Hospital fans from the 2013 Television Critics Association Press Tour. Deep Soap’s Sara Bibel tweeted ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee’s comment on General Hospital’s progress. 


Soap Stars Raise the Stakes at ABC Casino Night

General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati joined GH soap stars Dominic Zamprogna, Finola Hughes, Jason Thompson, Roger Howarth and Laura Wright at ABC Casino Night on October 25.  They were joined at the event, held at Capitale in New York City, by The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd and other celebrities. See more photos after the jump! READ MORE

Frank Valentini, Kassie DePaiva and Susan Batten Support Florencia Lozano in Red Dog Howls

General Hospital showrunner Frank Valentini, Kassie DePaiva and Susan Batten (ex-Luna, One Life to Live) came out to support Florencia Lozano at a special performance of Red Dog Howls in New York City on October 12. Lozano stars in the production as Gabriella. Red Dog Howls runs from Sep. 24 to Nov 14. See more photos after the jump! READ MORE